Low Carb LCHF Cream Cheese Pound Cake

Sometimes, you just want something buttery rich on a low carb keto diet and I wanted a low carb LCHF cream cheese pound cake. Back when I used to bake with regular high-carb flours, I made a mean cream cheese pound cake. It was a favorite with our family and friends. In fact, it was my go to pound cake recipe, which is why a new low carb cream cheese lchf pound cake recipe needed to make an entrance.

A Keto Community Favorite

My Low Carb LCHF Cream Cheese Pound Cake has made a bit of a splash in the keto community. It’s been pinned thousands of times and I get tagged with pictures and videos on a pretty regular basis. NOTE: This is the original recipe so don’t be fooled by the imitators who are trying to pass my recipe as their own.

Although, I think it’s safe to say that our Low Carb LCHF Cream Cheese Pound Cake Recipe is a keeper. It’s humbling to see how much our keto pound cake has been shared. I am so grateful that the community has embraced my little recipe and that it’s helping people stay on course.

Coming Up With A Perfect Low Carb Alternative

Before my cream cheese pound cake had a major makeover, I remember how my brother-in-law Paul, almost single-handedly ate my freshly baked cream cheese pound cake. He kept raving how it was the best cake he had ever had. It was a sight to see for sure as he served himself piece after piece.

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However, Paul is type 2 diabetic and eating that many carbs is the last thing he needed. Truth is we all loved that regular cream cheese pound cake. Perhaps a little too much.

It was time I gave my family and friends a healthy low carb keto option that was not only delicious but wouldn’t cause an unnecessary sugar spike.

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The Birth Of Something Special

I was now on a mission and I was determined to find a way to enjoy a treat without pushing us out of ketosis. When you choose to burn ketones (fat) for fuel and not glucose (sugar), a high carb option spells disaster. As I began to understand how low carb flours worked I decided it was time to recreate a true pound cake experience, you know that rich buttery flavor we all crave? There was no way I would be denied. Did I tell you that I can be pretty determined to get my way? Well, this personality streak truly paid off this time.

Making Healthy Keto Recipes Easy

It was so rewarding to see that I was able to create a healthy low carb lchf recipe that I would be proud to share with everyone. If you looking for easy low carb keto recipes, you’ve come to the perfect place. My recipes are made simple on purpose. You won’t find many elaborate recipes here, just delicious low carb keto options made with simple easy to find ingredients. If your’e a fan of pound cakes, consider trying my Keto Mocha Swirl Pound Cake that was inspired by this recipe.

Giving Back To The Community

My blog is my way to give back to the community. Can I tell you that when I first started my keto journey good recipes were hard to come by. I longed for easy low carb gluten free recipes, but all I kept finding was recipes that had ingredients I had never heard of and instructions that required formal training.

I try to give my readers recipes that they can make with just a few key ingredients. I truly believe it’s possible to enjoy low carb foods without the fuss of a bunch of complicated items or steps.

Spirit, Mind and Body

As a community group pastor, it is my desire to see people whole in spirit, mind and body, something I had to learn firsthand while on my own personal journey to wellness. It’s important to remember the value of each of these areas to be in complete harmony if we truly want to live our best life.

Can I encourage you to visit our almost to be be true news page? It’s my prayer that these verses will encourage you. Consider following our blog via email and never miss a post. Please reach out to us with your questions, we are always willing to assist you.

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NOTE: That you can easily make this recipe into cupcakes and freeze for later.

Low Carb Keto Cream Cheese Pound Cake Recipe

This recipe was doubled for the picture. For same results do the same.

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