Cream Cheese Pancakes (Low Carb & Keto)

After months of overindulging, January typically arrives with a slew of guilt and a waistband that is screaming for mercy. Since many people turn to a low carb lifestyle to get their sugar cravings under control and lose those extra pounds, I thought I’d devote this week to some of my favorite low carb recipes – starting with these delicious low carb cream cheese pancakes.

cream cheese pancakes low carb and gluten free

Whenever I resort to low carb diets like keto or Atkins to lose weight, the toughest meal for me is always breakfast. There are only so many eggs you can eat before you are looking for something different. These cream cheese pancakes are a welcome treat in that case. Even if you aren’t watching carbs, these are also an excellent option for those who are gluten free as they contain no grains or flour of any kind. In fact the list of ingredients in this cream cheese pancakes recipe is incredibly short. Cream cheese, eggs, your choice of sweetener – maybe a pinch of cinnamon. That’s it. And they are super easy to make.

cream cheese pancakes low carb and gluten free ibih

I usually whip up a batch of these low carb cream cheese pancakes in my trusty magic bullet, and it takes less than a minute to make the batter. A surprisingly satisfying low carb substitute for the real thing that tastes like skinny fried cheesecakes! Even if you aren’t watching your carbs these cream cheese pancakes are a delicious departure from the traditional doughy stack of pancakes. And you won’t have the sleepy feeling that usually comes afterwards!

Some people have had trouble making and flipping these cream cheese pancakes, so we made a 60 second recipe video with a few key tips for success that will have you making perfect stacks every time!


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