Unlocking Optimal Health: Exploring the Power of the Feldman Protocol (2023)

Discover the power of the Feldman Protocol, a comprehensive tracking system designed for individuals following a keto or low carb lifestyle. By tracking various biomarkers and measurements, the Feldman Protocol provides valuable insights into metabolic health and optimization. Learn how this protocol can help you make data-driven decisions, identify dietary adjustments, and track progress towards your health goals. Whether you are new to keto or a seasoned practitioner, implementing the Feldman Protocol in your journey can unlock the secrets to success. Explore the benefits and tips for optimizing the use of the Feldman Protocol today.

Unlocking the Benefits: How a Keto Diet Can Help Diabetics Achieve Optimal Health

Unlocking the Benefits: How a Keto Diet Can Help Diabetics Achieve Optimal Health

Is a keto diet good for diabetics? Discover how a keto diet can benefit individuals with diabetes by regulating blood sugar levels, improving insulin sensitivity, and promoting weight loss. By reducing carbohydrate intake and focusing on healthy fats, a keto diet helps stabilize glucose levels and may lead to lowered HbA1c levels. However, it’s important to work with a healthcare professional to monitor medication dosage and manage potential risks. Learn more about the role of low-carb eating in managing diabetes and get valuable tips for starting a keto diet as a diabetic.

Understanding Low Fat vs Low Carb

There are many celebrities that swear by the ketogenic diet.  That’s not surprising since it works!  It is very popular with the likes of Megan Fox, Mick Jagger, and Adriana Lima being fond proponents of the diet. However, do you know what the real difference is between a ketogenic diet and a low fat diet … Read more

Ignoring the mainstream myths about low-carb ketogenic eating


I have always thought of myself as a congenial person who doesn’t pick fights. I have learned through many years of public interactions that, usually, the most effective way to handle most issues in life is with rational, unemotional calmness — and kindness — if at all possible. But, sigh, sometimes it’s not easy. Recently, … Read more

Keto Mac and Cheese with Pulled Pork


This post may be sponsored or contain affiliate links. We may earn money from purchases made through links mentioned in this post, but all opinions are our own. We are a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for us to earn fees by linking … Read more

Misconceptions Related To Keto Diets Clarified


We have previously spoken about Ketogenic diet (also called as ‘Keto Diet’), how it works, how this low-carbohydrate diet regime helps in weight loss for women and men alike. But just like most of the fitness trends and fads there are lot of myths related to the keto diet too and here we will clarify … Read more

Keto Diet Low Carb Recipes Healthy Eating Lifestyle Site Launched

On Ketosis, a new lifestyle and healthy eating blog site, has been launched. It offers recipes, information and videos to encourage people to live a healthier lifestyle. A new healthy eating site has been launched with a special focus on ketogenic food with low carbohydrate recipes, so that more people can improve their lifestyle. It offers … Read more

Just What is Ketosis?

ketones for fuel

I often get the question, “what is keto?” Sometimes, I hear, “keto’s dangerous.” Various myths surround the word “keto” and ketogenic eating. So, I thought I’d address some of these common myths and tell you the real truth about keto. Ketogenic diets were first used therapeutically in the early 20th century; prior to the development … Read more

Top 8 Low Carb Diets


Did you know that there are all kinds of low carb diets out there? There are many different ways you can reduce carbs and many different combinations to try. The good news is that if one way doesn’t work for you, you can try one of the other low carb diets recommended here. Low carb … Read more