Understanding Low Fat vs Low Carb

There are many celebrities that swear by the ketogenic diet.  That’s not surprising since it works!  It is very popular with the likes of Megan Fox, Mick Jagger, and Adriana Lima being fond proponents of the diet.

However, do you know what the real difference is between a ketogenic diet and a low fat diet plan?  Over the years I have tried the low fat diet and been successful but it was hard to sustain.  While reducing fat will work to an extent, the ketogenic diet and low carb diet plans are actually more effective for both weight loss and reducing high cholesterol.

Low Fat Versus Low Carb

Below are some of the differences between the low fat diet versus the low carb / ketogenic diet

You Feel More Satisfied and Avoid Feeling Hungry

The ketogenic diet typically is much more about choices.  You don’t feel deprived because of the variety of foods you have to choose from.  These are food choices such as meats, chicken, seafood, cheese, non-starchy vegetables and healthy fats.

It’s simple and straightforward to follow – you eliminate carbs.  It regulates your appetite and you feel fuller for longer meaning you eat even less.  By eliminating carbs you also eliminate any erratic blood sugar spikes which often are the cause of cravings and hunger pangs.

Sustainable in the Long Term

We all want to be successful when we choose to lose weight.  It has to be sustainable for us too.  We want to see results immediately but we also want to continue to see results over the longer term.  Being able to stick to a new way of eating is important.  Low carb helps you sustain your new way of eating and to continue to lose weight.  This is because you are satisfied for longer and feel full longer.  This is why the ketogenic diet guide is the ideal way to help you on your journey.

What The Studies Show About the Ketogenic Diet

Many studies have been carried out, however a study by the Duke University Medical Center in Durham, North Carolina set out to compare the effects of a low fat diet versus a ketogenic diet program over a 24 week period.  They discovered that not only did the low carbohydrate diet retain more of the participants than the low fat group did, but they also lost more weight, and had a bigger decrease in triglyceride levels.

A low fat diet is generally a temporary diet, one that you cannot sustain because there are too many temptations to give in to; the ketogenic diet does not restrict you to the same level so it is easier to maintain on a long-term basis.  It is a way of life and can change how you eat over the longer term.

More Studies Support Low Carb Diets Over Low Fat

Since 2002, more than 20 randomized controlled trials have been published in respected, peer-reviewed journals that demonstrate the fact that low carb diets are more effective for weight loss and completely safe without a single adverse effect, this cannot be said about many of the fad diets.

The ketogenic diet has also shown evidence of having benefits on:

  • Reducing high blood pressure
  • Reducing triglyceride levels
  • Raising HDL cholesterol levels (a good sign of heart health)
  • Improving mental performance

So why not give it a go?  You can start right away with the ketogenic diet guide now.  It’s a step by step manual to get your started.