eBook – Kick the Weight with Keto

Is the Paleo or Low Carb diet failing you? Do you want to lose weight and also FEEL great, not always hungry, and eat delicious food?

Are you…

  • not losing enough weight on a low carb or a Paleo / Primal diet?
  • hungry even if you’ve just eaten a good meal two hours ago?
  • bigger than you’d like to be?

Do you

  • have metabolic issues such as diabetes, PCOS, insulin resistance, thyroid problems or adrenal fatigue?
  • feel sluggish after consuming carbs?
  • feel tired and/or hungry when you exercise?
  • want to eat in a way where you’re not depriving yourself yet also losing weight and feeling good?

Are you ready to make progress losing weight, and have abundant energy and a clear mind when doing so?

Then “Keto” (a ketogenic diet) may be right for you!

Weight loss and becoming healthier doesn’t have to be hard. The problem is, you’ve been told pretty much the OPPOSITE of what to do to lose weight your whole life.

Kick the Weight with Keto explains:

  • what a keto diet is, and how it differs from just a regular low carb diet
  • how to lose weight steadily with real food and NO UNNECESSARY KETONE PRODUCTS
  • how to exercise without feeling tired
  • what to eat to get into ketosis, and how to STAY in ketosis
  • how to measure your ketosis levels accurately so that you know you’re on the right track
  • how to cook, plan meals and shop for your new keto lifestyle

How to Cook Keto

Included in the ebook are TWO full weeks of menus of breakfast, lunch, dinner AND a snack option for each day. Also, each meal has a recipe included in the book! There are over 50 recipes included in Kick the Weight with Keto!

Free Gift with Purchase!

I have one last surprise for you: as a limited time special offer, you can get a copy of the Keto Resource Guide for free with your purchase of Kick the Weight with Keto! This guide is worth $5.99 but I’m giving it to you for FREE so that you have the products, supplements and supplies needed to start your ketogenic lifestyle.


If you are ready to end your low carb Paleo misery, you need to learn how to Kick the Weight with Keto! When you purchase Kick the Weight with Keto, you’ll get all the tools you need to start losing weight and feel great. You get instant access to the downloadable PDF e-book so you can read it from your computer, laptop or tablet.

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Free Updates!

With your purchase, I will personally email you a link to any new version of the KWWK eBook for FREE – FOREVER.

Reviews of Kick the Weight with Keto are GREAT!

Here’s what some people have had to say about my book:

I just wanted to THANK you so very much for the time and effort you put into “Kick the weight with Keto.” For the first time i feel like i finally have a “go to” resource, and solid info …and am no longer in “keto-confusion”. You have made this journey SO much easier, truly. — Chloe S

Kim, thanks for writing this book. I had done a bunch of internet surfing and research and didn’t find half of the info that I found in your book. — Brian

I was so excited to get your book, and to learn from your experiences and cook the recipes. I am hypothyroid and became allergic to starches 6 months ago and quickly had to flip from carbs to proteins which was really difficult as a carb addict. I am grateful you wrote this book for all of us who struggle and to give us hope. Heartfelt thanks. — Katherine

Interested in Keto, but Still Not Sure About the eBook?

That’s totally ok! I understand being careful about eBook purchases. If you want a bit more detail about what I will cover in my book, please go ahead go to this page for a detailed Table of Contents for FREE so you can review it.

Questions? Email me at info[at]eatfatlosefatblog[dot]com with any questions or comments.

Buy Kick the Weight with Keto – How to Lose Weight and Feel Great with a Paleo Ketogenic Diet. 100 pages of information and over 50 recipes to get you started on a ketogenic diet.

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