Keto And Paleo Diet – The Difference

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Low carb diets are immensely popular in the weight loss world and you must have surely heard people discussing about their benefits. Keto and paleo diets belong to the low carb clan but should not be lumped together. Though they both are built on the same principles, they greatly differ in their outcome. They have been developed for different purposes. Let us see what they are and how different they are from each other.

What is a Ketogenic Diet?

Ketogenic Diet And The Science Behind It 2

Historically, the ketogenic diet is more of a tool to manage disease, not lose weight. It is a common diet for those suffering from conditions such as epilepsy. The aim is to bring the body into a state of ketosis. It is a process by which the body burns stored fat. With this diet plan, your body achieves ketosis by fasting that involves the reduction of carbs and the increase of fat.

When you follow this diet for a long term, you may:

  • Bring down body mass
  • Increase levels of good cholesterol

The great thing about this diet is that it treats epilepsy quite well but as in every diet, there is a catch – the keto diet is very difficult to tolerate. The diet instructs individuals to consume 3 calories of fat for each calorie of carbs or proteins. That amounts to a lot of fat! It means that your meal includes a little piece if chicken, a tiny amount of fruit and a lot of fat in the form of cream or butter. To be honest, this kind of a diet is difficult to ingest.

What is a Paleolithic Diet?

paleo diet, Keto And Paleo Diet

When you follow a Paleo diet, the focus is on eating meat. The logic behind this is that the cave dwellers had a limited access to greens and grains and hence were hardwired to eat a diet that comprised of protein. Followers of this plan aim at getting energy from animal products containing high amounts of protein and low carbs.

The foods avoided are:

The modern man has to face chronic illnesses that were not there in the prehistoric era. So, the theory is that eating the way they did will improve our health.

Paleo - The Cave Men Diet

However, nutritional experts feel that a diet that restricts certain food groups and emphasizes on others is not balanced and there is no solid evidence of the claim that Paleo-eaters lead long lives or are healthier than those who do not follow this way of eating.

Difference between the keto and paleo diet

In a ketogenic diet, the focus is on manipulating the three macros (i.e fat, carbs and protein). The Paleo diet is all about food choices you make. You need to eliminate dairy, processed foods and grains but balance macros the way you want.

Both the diets – Ketogenic and Paleo diets promote weight loss. You need to choose the diet according to your needs.

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