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Normally, i do not consider myself overweight or struggling with body image issues but i have indeed pondered on why i packed so much weight with minimal/average eating habits. These questions however do not occupy my mind as much. Last year in one of those moments you engage the internet for entertainment, i stumbled on a Nassim Taleb quote; “the three most harmful addictions are heroin, carbohydrate and a monthly salary.” Carbohydrates (carbs) stood out for me. Usually it would be sugar but carbs! In fact obesity mostly has been associated with overeating and immobility/a sedentary lifestyle.
I went on a Google search on effects of carbs and food addiction and found there were researchers and doctors presenting cases that agreed with Nassim quote (carbs part).In the search process, i found out about the Low Carb High Fat (LCHF) diet. I was intrigued by the high fat. I always knew fat was “enemy no.1 against a healthy lifestyle.”However, according to LCHF, when we avoid sugar and starches, our blood sugar stabilises and levels of insulin drop. Insulin is considered to be a fat storing hormone. When the insulin drops, your body increases fat burning causing weight loss
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In essence, LCHF advocates for avoiding foods found literally in almost anything we eat (sugar & carbs) and eating more healthy fat(butter, olive oil etc), protein and vegetables. It sounded surreal to me. Nonetheless, I read several life stories from individuals who swear by the diet. Including those indicating it has helped them reverse type 2 diabetes!

I promised to experiment with LCHF as a New Year resolution. I did not kick it off as planned due to the usual “procrastination monster”. However last week, I mastered the willpower to begin the process.

So here is my week one experience.

• First, they say information is power. i read a lot on LCHF (and still do).I established I needed to be more conscious of what i put in my body .I had to begin reading food labels keenly. In the process I discovered most of the foods we eat are carb loaded  Soy sauce or tomato paste my cooking accompaniments for instance were full of carbs!
• To ensure i did not miss out on new info on the same, I bookmarked a few sites and IG accounts to follow. These include Subscribed to Dr. Eric Berg YT channel and followed several keto accounts in IG. So far my fave is @ketoindia
• I downloaded a visual keto guide on recommended foods and drinks to enjoy while on the diet. The guide can be found at . Well, wine (dry wines) is a keto friendly drink to enjoy occasionally!
• Grocery shopping using above #foodlist. It was sad to see i could no longer eat some fave food like pasta and sweet potatoes  but adjustments had to be made. New vegetables now common in the house are cauliflower, broccoli and red cabbage! The diet also recommends eggs as they are low in carbs. Eaten moderately of course. It turns out Bacon has almost 0 cabs, a good breakfast choice. Again moderately eaten
• Changing from using vegetable oil for cooking, which is familiar from childhood, has not been easy. I bought Butter, Ghee and Olive oil from the supermarket and used them in cooking. The food is tastier for real! Cheese, a healthy source of natural fat is turning to be an expensive so I’ve opted to buying parmesan cheese and adding it mostly to the eggs.
• First two days were terrible, i slept for a few hours and was not sleep again. In addition i struggled with constipation. I adjusted the diet to having my low carb at night and drinking a half glass of milk. I have slept well since.

I have not lost any weight yet but so far so good. I feel re energized and more conscious of what i eat. Learning how best to adapt the diet is also real time for example i am now forced to wake up early to cook my breakfast as breakfast cereals are also to be avoided. Carbs counting is also a learning area. This includes food tracking to ensure i meet daily fat, protein and vegetables needs. Next week, I will be going for an out of town work trip. Let’s see how i cope with changing contexts.
Will keep you posted.
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