New Year’s Keto Resolution 2018

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Welcome to GOING GONZO’s Keto Diet and Fitness page. In my journey to lose weight and get healthy I stumbled upon the Keto Diet and I wish I knew about it long ago Getting healthy is easy now watch my videos, my quick tips and my latest series …KETO FOR BEGINNERS… get ready to watch your efforts finally pay off…!!!.

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This is my quest, my life’s journey to lose + pounds and get back into a healthy and fit body. I want everyone to see how I do it…My ups and downs. My struggles and achievements. how I progress… day to day… week to week… and month to month. I’m tired of my disabilities keep me from living my life to it’s potential!!
I follow a combination of eating plans combined High Fat Low Carb/Keto/Mediterranean…. I did this in 2015 and lost a lot of weight. I allowed it to all come back because I got lazy and figured the weight would dare come back…. but a lot of it did… so now I am refocused… recommitted… and re-motivated. This time the end is SHREDDED. Six Pack… everything. No more embarrassing myself at the beach. No more embarrassing my wife, I’m not the man she was attracted to a decade ago. I won’t let myself down… I won’t let her down.
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