Product review for KETO DIET FOR BEGINNERS: Keto for beginners, Keto Dessert recipes (Ketogenic diet)

Product review for KETO DIET FOR BEGINNERS: Keto for beginners, Keto Dessert recipes (Ketogenic diet)

– BOOK1 – KETO FOR BEGINNERS: the #1 complete guide to Ketosis and Ketogenic Diet (with complete Keto meal plan included and examples of recipes with nutritional facts)
-BOOK 2 – KETO DESSERTS: a year of sweet treats for ketogenic & low carb diets (with nutritional facts, macros and net carb calculation)
Is it possible to eat fat and loose weight?
In 1921, an endocrinologist called Dr. Henry Rawle Geyelin, attending the annual meeting of the American Medical Association to deliver a speech on therapeutic fasting in the treatment of seizures, focused his speech on the Ketogenic diet. Ninety years later, Geyelin would probably be surprised to discover that the same diet is used as the last magic weight loss program to lose weight at a pace that many other diets can just dream of. This diet should not be taken unconcernedly, it is a hyperprotectic diet, almost without sugars and with a high amount of fat. Fortunately, there are health professionals who manage very cautiously this food plan, so, if done correctly, this diet can give extraordinary results in making us regain our lost shape and cardiovascular health.

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What is Ketosis and how does your body workHow do Keto diets achieve rapid weight lossWhich are the main differences between a Keto and other known dietsHow to start and when to stop a ketogenic dietKeto diets and sport and exerciseThe effects of a Keto diet on pregnancyHow does a Keto diet help you squash migrainesA perfect Keto complete meal planThe Keto meal Formula: how to create a keto meal planKeto recipes: breakfast, lunch and dinner with nutritional facts….and much much more!
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All week you work hard at your job, you go to the gym, you eat your Keto diet, you stay on track, and you do your best….
But do you ever feel like indulging yourself a bit?
Do you ever feel like giving yourself a special treat that will not completely throw you off track with your eating plan?
Well, this book is for you.
The aim of anyone choosing a specific eating regime, should be overall that of enhancing his/her health. I think that the most difficult part of any diet lies in coupling healthy choices with your actual needs for psychological/physical gratification and satisfaction. It does not have to be an everyday thing. Just stay on track and then really celebrate the moment, let’s say once a week, with one of these fabulous, indulgent Keto dessert recipes…..

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Ketoessentials: the essential equipment to become a real ketochef Getting to know the ingredients of the Keto dessert Chef: Sweeteners Getting to know the ingredients of the Keto dessert chef: Flours Fat bomb recipesKeto cake recipesKeto chocolate recipes Keto mousses & cream recipesKeto ice creams Keto traditional festivity recipesNutrition facts of the Keto dessert chef’s main ingredients….each recipe is detailed with nutrition values and total and net carb calculation

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