Rebel Ice Cream | Low Carb, High Fat, Keto, No Sugar Added

What can we say, it's hard to resist...
What can we say, it’s hard to resist…
The perfect companion to low carb waffle cones
The perfect companion to low carb waffle cones

These are real testimonials from people we don’t know. They are college students and weren’t very concerned about low carb foods. Thus, these are honest and fresh perspectives from individuals who are used to and expect real, delicious ice cream.

Our picky, stubborn kids are the perfect taste testers!
Our picky, stubborn kids are the perfect taste testers!

We’re Austin and Courtney, and we founded Rebel Creamery. We developed a premium, high fat, low carb, no sugar added ice cream using only keto-friendly ingredients. This is the first low carb, high fat, no sugar added ice cream on the market. We’ve worked with food scientists to find the perfect ratio of keto-friendly ingredients in Rebel ice cream. Existing ‘healthy’ ice cream options are low fat, contain added sugar, and/or contain too many carbs. Many flavors also contain non-keto-friendly ingredients like added sugar, corn syrup, and wheat. We’re rebels, because we believe in eating foods high in healthy fats and low in carbs (a ketogenic way of eating).

The goal of this business is two-fold: 1) finally bring premium, low carb, high fat, no sugar added ice cream to your grocery store and 2) use it as a gateway to potentially convert more people to a ketogenic way of eating. This is the beginning of a ‘Rebel’ution!

We will plug the benefits of a low carb, high fat (LCHF) diet right on our packaging. Keto treats can be a means to an end. They make it easier in the transition from the Standard American Diet to a lifelong ketogenic lifestyle. They certainly have helped our family. Your friends and intrigued strangers can try Rebel Ice Cream and think "Maybe I could do Keto if you can eat stuff like this. I guess ice cream doesn’t need sugar to taste amazing. Maybe lots of foods are this way."

We promise we will make our ice cream as low carb as possible while still maintaining the taste and structure that ice cream deserves. This is not a somewhat low carb ice cream we are then trying to market to low carbers and keto-ers in retrospect. This is a keto ice cream made by dedicated, fellow keto-ers for other keto-ers. We will never add sugar, or grains, or corn products. We will maintain very low net carb counts with each subsequent flavor.

We also promise to treat your dollars with the highest of care and absolutely work our hearts out to deliver on these promises. We are a frugal, efficient family and will do everything we can to make this business succeed and give you your keto ice cream. But this is about far more than ice cream to us. It is about inspiring others to take control over their health just as others have inspired us.

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We will send out a survey later for you to choose which flavors you want.

Note: These are conservative estimates, which may change slightly during production as we find the perfect amount of air to whip into the ice cream.

Subsequent flavors will have similar macronutrient profiles
Subsequent flavors will have similar macronutrient profiles

Estimation. It will take a few trial production runs to determine the perfect amount of air to whip into the ice cream, which impacts the exact nutritional info. Based on the amount of air our food scientist suggests would be best, these numbers are our best estimates. The goal in our home kitchen is the same in production: make it as low carb as possible while still maintaining the taste and texture that ice cream deserves.

Protein. Some may wonder why we don’t boost the protein like everyone else does. Our philosophy is, if you want some protein, go eat a ribeye. I don’t eat ice cream for the protein. Low fat, high protein, with added sugar falls under the false paradigm of what is "healthy." Some protein in ice cream does play a role in improving structure, but the fat is where it’s at.

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Common Ingredients in all flavors: heavy cream, almond milk (almonds, water), egg yolks, erythritol, vegetable glycerin, chicory root fiber, monk fruit, carob gum, guar gum

Absolutely NO: Grain (including Wheat and Gluten), Corn, Soy, Added Sugar, Artificial Ingredients

Additional ingredients in flavors

Vanilla: vanilla extract, vanilla bean specks

Chocolate: dutch cocoa powder

Cookie Dough: vanilla extract, butter, 100% chocolate, salt, and other repeated ingredients (like almonds for almond flour)

Peanut Butter Fudge: peanut butter, butter, cocoa powder, vanilla extract, salt, and other repeated ingredients

More flavors could be unlocked if enough funds are raised!

Contains nuts. Sincerest apologies to the ~1% with tree nut allergies, but we found almonds contributed to a better taste and structure than other alternatives.

Sweeteners. We believe a blend of erythritol and monk fruit is the best sugar substitute. They play well off each other’s strengths and weakness for a great taste, seem to have less laxative effect than other sweeteners, have an extremely low Glycemic Index (1 and 0), and have the most negligible impact on blood sugar. No sweetener is perfect, and everyone reacts differently to different sweeteners, but we’ve found this to be the best combo to produce the best taste and structure in ice cream. Other questions you may have:

Why not xylitol? Higher glycemic index (12 vs erythritol’s 1), tends to have more laxative effect than erythritol, and it’s toxic to dogs, so many dog owners will not come near it. Stevia? Many in the community (and we agree) find that stevia tends to have a stronger aftertaste than monk fruit.

Why not monk fruit only? Rarely do you see ice cream manufacturers use high intensity sweeteners alone. They are usually paired with some other sweetener, which adds body and important structural components. Using some other ingredient to compensate for the missing sweetener has its own set of drawbacks. We chose erythritol for the reasons stated above.

Sugar Alcohols. This is made up of erythritol (sweetens and adds body to ice cream) and vegetable glycerin (prevents ice cream from getting too hard). While 8g per serving is more than some other competitors, it is equivalent to just 2 teaspoons of erythritol. Therefore, an entire Rebel pint has an equivalent of around just 2 tablespoons of sugar alcohols.

Vegetable glycerin is 60% as sweet as sugar but is not metabolized as sugar in the body. It does not cause a rise in blood sugar or insulin levels according to many studies. It is often used as a sweetener in foods marketed to diabetics. But as with all sweeteners, you should monitor how your body reacts after consumption and do what works best for you.

Chicory Root. This "fiber" is a prebiotic and promotes good bacteria for a healthy gut. Chicory root can cause a laxative effect if over-consumed (studies suggest over 20 grams in a day), but you would have to eat several Rebel pints a day before you’d have to worry about that.

Peanuts. Just one of our flavors contains peanuts. While relatively low carb, peanuts are a Keto "grey area." They can be inflammatory for some, but for those who don’t have issues, they help produce a fantastic ice cream.

Gums. We are only using very low carb, keto-friendly, and natural stabilizers. Due to the limited amount of lactose in our ice cream, gums are necessary for the ice cream’s structure, texture, and reliability.


Ingredients, Packaging/Containers, Trial Runs, Production, Freight to Warehouses and Fulfillment Centers, Storage, Shipping to consumers, etc.


It will take several months to assure all of the logistics are running smoothly and that the maintain the highest of quality. We are aiming for April 2018.


Each additional flavor adds exorbitant costs. However, if we are able to reach a certain fundraising level (amount to be announced), we will launch with a 5th flavor, YOU will VOTE from a list to choose that 5th flavor! A 6th flavor could also be potentially unlocked.


We are working with specialists who have been shipping ice cream for years. It is becoming more common, and many brands have found success shipping ice cream online. In fact, Ben & Jerry’s just began offering online shipping this summer. With sufficient insulation, dry ice, and speed, it can be shipped without problems. It is best to open the package immediately upon arrival and to put your ice cream in the freezer. The surface temperature of dry ice is -109°F and evaporates rather than melts. Your ice cream may be extremely hard due to these extreme temperatures, but will soften up after it reaches regular freezer temperatures. While our ice cream will be softer than low fat ice creams, it may be best to also let it sit out a few minutes to achieve the desired creamy texture. Your ice cream is in safe hands!


We knew this was going to be an expensive endeavor, but it’s even more expensive than we anticipated. We hope many can be patient with us as we build up enough volume and distribution to get our prices down.

We are using keto-friendly, all-natural, high quality ingredients – ones you would use in your own home. Most competitors use cheap, low fat milk or even water as their main ingredient. Naturally, we are using premium, high fat cream to produce a premium ice cream.

Since the ice cream needs to be kept at freezing temperatures, the storage, freight, and shipping costs are very high. To minimize shipping costs and maximize quality, we are working with specialists who have been shipping ice cream for years. However, it is still very costly. We hope you will be patient with us and know we are doing everything we can to make it as affordable as possible. We are pricing it aggressively low for a startup at this stage in this industry.

Selling online is a means to an end. Distribution to your local store is cheaper and better for both of us. But since it will take some time to convince store managers to carry a rebellious/counter-cultural ice cream product, we will offer online shipping immediately.

Your pledges, voice, and passion will be very important in convincing the grocery gatekeepers of the demand for low carb, high fat products. With your help, we will improve our scale and distribution so that we can make this premium, keto ice cream even more affordable!


We obviously want to be in all the major stores. We will start with where we think there is higher concentration of Keto and low carb interests. But calling your store and requesting they carry Rebel ice cream will really help!

If the Kickstarter is very successful, it will be a lot easier to approach stores, and we will do so earlier. So please, if you want to see Rebel ice cream in your store, tell all your low carb friends (or anyone interested in a healthier ice cream) to support this Kickstarter! The more pledges received, the faster we can distribute our ice cream in your local store.


We do have plans to release dairy-free flavors in the future. Coconuts can also create a rich, high fat, relatively low carb ice cream.


Millions have discovered a diet high in healthy fats and low in sugar and carbs leads to weight loss, increased energy, reduced appetite, mental clarity, and reversal of metabolic disorders. Recent studies are also suggesting a ketogenic diet may kill cancer cells, improve athletic performance, prevent dementia, and lead to a longer life. And importantly, fat is what gives ice cream its wonderful taste and texture! It belongs in ice CREAM, but manufacturers keep taking it out, thus increasing the carb count.


Our target market is for those who believe in the benefits that come from eating a ketogenic diet. We are not a research company. We have conducted no studies or make claims personally. We say OTHERS have made those claims through their own studies and/or personal experiences. There is a lot of scientific research on the effect of ketogenic diets with regards to performance, cancer, metabolic diseases, and neurological diseases (especially epilepsy but including Alzheimer’s). You can also read thousands of testimonials from individuals on

There are also many studies about what happens to the body on a ketogenic diet. Calling our ice cream premium, fat-burning ice cream reasonates with some and confuses others. "Fat-burning," "eat fat lose fat", "fat-fueled," etc are popular phrases in the Keto community, because we believe that in a very low carb, high fat diet, the body adapts to burn fat instead of glucose for fuel. Essentially, the body converts all carbs into sugar. This is an ice cream for current or aspiring "fat-burners" that will keep you in ketosis or in the fat-burning zone. It is very low in net carbs. This does not mean you can or should eat 5 pints a day to achieve your goals, though it may be possible. This is not a magic ice cream, but its high fat, low net carb macronutrient profile with keto-friendly ingredients means you can indulge in a great treat while staying in the “fat-burning” zone.

There are always risks: product recalls, miscalculation of costs, production waste, faulty ice cream structure, etc. But we are also taking measures to minimize these risks. We are investing in a food scientist during the production trial runs to assure the ice cream’s structure can handle the ice cream supply chain. We have conducted many blind taste tests to achieve the best taste and structure. We are choosing manufacturing and logistics partners that have a history of reliability and want us to succeed. We have vetted and filtered through hundreds of potential partners so that we could find the best partners to help us succeed.

We also have unique and complementary backgrounds in business, technology, and creativity which have provided us with the tools that will help us succeed. Austin has an MBA from Harvard and several years of coding experience. Courtney has a degree in broadcast journalism and has a keen eye for design, ad creative, and social media appeal.

Most importantly, we are extremely passionate and dedicated to making this happen. With four young children, we are personally taking a big risk to bring you LCHF/Keto ice cream. We will do everything possible to make this happen!

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