Top 5 Benefits of a Ketogenic Diet!

Top 5 Benefits of a Ketogenic Diet! - Keep Fit Kingdom

Similar to the Atkins or low carb diet, the ketogenic diet can be defined as one containing very low amounts of carbohydrates with high amounts of fat. Whilst the idea of a high-fat diet may sound incredibly strange, there’s actually a good rationale behind it. By reducing carbohydrate intake significantly and consuming a high-fat content, your body goes into a metabolic state otherwise known as ketosis, resulting in your body breaking down fat stores for energy, hence the name ‘Ketogenic’ Diet. Here are Top 5 Benefits of a Ketogenic Diet!

1. Low carb diets prove effective for weight loss
Studies like that of Dr William Yancy (an expert on ketogenic diet) et al’s work into low carbohydrate consumption diets vs low-fat diets have shown results finding a high percentage of weight loss seen in those cutting out carbohydrates compared to those cutting out fat. Ketogenic diets have also been found easier to stick to.

2. Low carb diets aid in helping you feel full
This is evidenced by two diet plans; Low Carbohydrate Ketogenic Diet (LCKD) and Low Fat Diets (LFD). Some studies concluded that those on the LCKD reported less negative symptoms such as fatigue, hunger, insomnia and stomach problems.

3. Decrease in Blood Pressure
Approximately 16 million people in the UK suffer from high blood pressure. With an LCKD comes lower levels of blood pressure bringing about a reduction in the risk of disease.

4. Increase in visceral fat loss
In your body, there are different types of fat and different places in which your body stores it. One such type of fat is subcutaneous fat which can be found underneath your skin, the other being visceral fat, which can be found around your organs. With obesity on the rise particularly in the west, we are seeing an ever-increasing amount of visceral fat in much of the population leading to more and more cases of stubborn disease. With a ketogenic diet, an increased percentage of harmful visceral fat is lost making it a viable alternative compared to low-fat diet models due to its dependence on fat breakdown for energy.

5. Increasing Omega-3 and other healthy fats benefit your body and mind
The consumption of these healthy fats has been known to increase learning ability and improve moods! The psychological benefits of being on a LCKD, therefore, encourages better performance whilst exercising as well as during daily duties.

A ketogenic diet is unquestionably effective, resulting in a diet plan which is not only more likely to increase your weight loss but increase the likelihood of you sticking to your diet. Its benefits can be seen to affect an individual both mentally and physically making it a suitable alternative -one that just might be the key you’re looking for. As always please consult your physician or dietitian before making any major food and lifestyle changes. Tried the ketogenic diet, what effects did you notice? Let us know below, join in the conversation on Facebook and follow us on Twitter! is a news aggregation service that brings you best of world articles to you for your consumption.

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