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Fat is My Friend

This week we get the pleasure of hearing from Dr Joanne (McCormack) Reynold the creator of the awesome website Fat is my Friend. Ever wonder how to get started on changing your entire way of eating?

This good doctor has made it simple! Now you can change your eating in 8 weeks. For some people, this may sound like a long commitment.

When you consider it as a guide to help you change an entire lifetime of bad eating habits, then it’s actually a very short time overall. Also, the recipes she has are outstanding!!! The flavors in these dishes are incredible.

This amazing program runs for 8 weeks, and then starts over again at week one for anyone to follow along. Just head over to the website at http://www.fatismyfriend.co.uk/ and get started this week. The best part is that it comes at no cost to you. The only cost is, of course, your grocery shopping, which you were going to have to do anyway.

Instead of a motivational quote, the good doctor chose to share a common saying that motivates her. But, we’re going to go ahead & attribute it to Dr Jo anyway! Gotta love her correct grammar. Thanks, Doc!!!

“If what you’re doing isn’t working, then it makes sense to try something else.”

~ Dr Joanne (McCormack) Reynold

Why this gets Her Fired Up:

“I think too often people keep going doing the same thing, and the same thing, and wondering why it’s not working. And, if they just took a step back, and had a look at how they could change things, then often they’ll find another answer (or, another solution) that might work better for them.”

The Keto Beginning

People do need to personalize a low carb diet for themselves. This can be done as a vegan, vegetarian, pescatarian, etc. Dr Reynold emphasizes this in her practice. As opposed to saying “Low Carb High Fat”, she prefers to say “Low Carb Healthy Fat”. Why? Because no one challenges the health benefits of salmon, olive oil, and avocados.

From now on, I’ll be adopting Dr Reynold’s terminology when referencing LCHF. It really is focusing on Healthy Fats, and when people think “high fat” they think of doughnuts and pizza. For an example of a Low Carb Healthy Fat meal, she shares her lunch recipe from the day of the interview.

  • Baked Salmon, flavored with Bay Leaves, Tarragon, and White Wine
  • Steamed Asparagus on the side w/
  • Avocado Sauce made w/ Greek Yogurt, Garlic and Avocado

Anyone can see the recipes on her website here, as well as reference links for a ton of great LCHF based websites such as Diet Doctor, Ditch the Carbs, and Nom Nom Paleo.

She has a bicycle, and cycles “a bit” as she tells us. Week to week her routine does include some running. However, mainly the doctor plays some golf, and does a lot of walking. For patients she recommends starting a fitness routine gently, and then building gradually from there. Essentially don’t try to over do it. Over training leads to injury every time.

“In your mind you may be very fit, but you’re body has changed a lot. You might be carrying a lot of weight around your tummy at the moment. When you’ve lost that you’ll probably be able to gradually build up to a similar level of fitness, and do similar types of sports that you enjoyed before. But, at the moment you’ve got to look. Appreciate how you are today, and not overdo it.”

In the physical classes the exercises are designed for people with the least level of fitness. We spoke of the many benefits of both yoga and golf. It’s well worth a listen.

How does Joanne find peace of mind in troubled times?

“Being with my family. I’ve got three children who are adults. So, being with them when they come home for the weekend, and my husband. That gives me a lot of peace of mind and relaxation.

Also walking in the countryside. We’re lucky enough to live beside some woods. I can go walking with my family, or my husband, or even by myself through the woods just appreciating nature.”

This is definitely not the first time we’ve had a guest speak to getting out into nature for their peace of mind. Marika Sboros said a very similar thing back in episode 006. So, what is it exactly about getting out in nature that brings Joanne peace of mind?

In her own words it’s: “…seeing the different birds and animals, and hearing the birds singing in the trees, and seeing the sunlight coming through the leaves – simple things like that. I feel very safe where I live. Or, equally to going out in the country, we live quite near the sea as well. So, if we drive to the sea it’s about an hour away. So, we spend a day on the beach just walking along the sand, and hearing the waves. That’s very peaceful as well.”

Just because the woman has a path towards health, fitness, and peace of mind certainly doesn’t mean she doesn’t face challenges along the way. Along the course of any journey we inevitably come across challenges that force us to adapt, and obstacles that must be overcome. How does Dr Joanne Reynold herself adapt and overcome?

“One day at a time.”

She shares exactly why this applies to her life on her journey towards LCHF, and it is truly motivating. This is a doctor who had heard of the concept, applied it for one day, then the next, and before she knew it, three months of “today” had passed. One day, she woke up and decided that she could eat LCHF forever.

During the chat after the question round we covered her journey as a physician, and her class that she runs for patients called: Change your eating in 8 weeks. Dr Reynold’s interview is absolutely outstanding.

Be advised that patients who suffer from Type 1 Diabetes are at risk for ketoacidosis, and therefore should transition to a LCHF diet under the guidance of a healthcare practitioner. But, once completed, medication can be reduced by up to one third. In Type 2 diabetics, there is no known risk of ketoacidosis, and in many cases (for Type 2 Diabetes only) all medications can be ended with a LCHF diet alone.

Public Health Collaboration UK

This is a group of 12 doctors who have come together in the UK to promote better dietary guidance for the UK. Anyone in the world can read their website, or watch their YouTube channel, and they’re well worth it! The 2nd annual PHCUK conference happened this past summer on the 17th and 18th of June in Manchester, England.

The organization functions in a variety of ways, such as

Public Health Collaboration UK Conference Talks are uploaded to the PHCUK YouTube Channel by Sam Feltham creator of the Smash the Fat website.

Watch Dr McCormack’s Talk from PHCUK Conference 2016, or check out the playlists for the complete talks from 2016.

Watch Dr Jason Fung’s talk from the PHCUK Conference 2017, or check out the playlists for the complete talks from 2017.

The conference is held once per year in the Summer – follow them on Twitter, and plan your trip now!!!

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“Don’t give up on giving up junk food.”

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