The LCHF diet is not an all you can eat fat buffet!

The LCHF diet is not an all you can eat fat buffet!

While fat is a key element in the LCHF diet, how much can you really eat? On this episode of the LCHF Podcast, Dr. Gary Fettke talks fat. How much fat can you add to your diet? Are people eating too much fat on the LCHF? And should you be looking at high or healthy fat as your indicator?



Brad Brown: This is the LCHF podcast and it’s great to have you on board. Thank you for downloading and listening to this podcast. We’re joined once again by Dr Gary Fettke in Tasmania in Australia. Doc, a pretty simple question today from Annabelle and she wants to know, is too much fat on the LCHF diet dangerous?

Gary Fettke: I think that too much fat in any diet is not ideal. The big thing is to get the balance right. If you’re adopting a low carb healthy fat diet, and I specifically use that term, low carb healthy fat rather than low carb high fat; as you reduce the amount of carbohydrate in your diet, you need to replace it with two other fuel sources.

One is going to be protein and the other one is going to be fat. LCHF is really about keeping your protein level about the same and then you need to replace that reduced carbohydrate with a healthy fat. Fat is a lot more energy dense and as a result of that, you don’t need nearly as much fat as you do of carbohydrate in a volume sense.

How to introduce the right amount of healthy fat on the LCHF Diet

So it’s actually reducing it with the right, introducing the right amount of healthy fat into the diet. One of the things that we see with our patients and just listening around the net is that people who adopt LCHF think that if they cut down the carbs, then they can absolutely slam down huge amounts of fat. Then they wonder why their weight is not coming down. They’re generally feeling a bit healthier, but they can’t work out why their weight is not coming down.

So our patients that come along to our clinic, that’s probably one of the number one things we start educating them on is this. Is not significant high doses of fat or high amounts of fat in your diet, it’s actually getting the level right. Generally speaking with the right education, people realise that they have increased the amount of calories that they’re bringing in from fat, but they’re not actually, they don’t actually need to increase the volume.

So, yes Annabelle, the simple thing is, don’t eat too much fat. But if you listen to your system and play it carefully, I keep coming back to the concept of eat when you’re hungry and stop when you’re full. A lot of people ask me how many grams of fat I have, what percentage is the right percentage in the diet and to be fair, I’ve stopped counting. I wouldn’t have any idea exactly how much fat I have in the diet, I just know that I stop when I am full and that tends to work.

BB: Without a doubt. Doc, thanks very much, I think it’s wonderful advice indeed and important to know that we are each an experiment of one, as Professor Tim Noakes often says. It’s difficult to really make a definitive diagnosis of what everyone should be eating because no one is the same. You need to really work on what your body is telling you. Dr Gary Fettke, until next time, thank you very much, much appreciate, thank you for your time today. We’re back again on the next edition of the LCHF podcast in just a couple of days time. Until then, cheers.


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