Best Recipes Breakfast Keto Omelet Wrap with Salmon & Avocado

Keto Omelet Wrap with Salmon & Avocado.

Looking for another idea for a quick and healthy breakfast / dinner? Omelets are one of the best solutions for anybody with a busy life-style. I’ve got plenty recipes for omelets and this one is great for potassium boost (65% RDA!) – the right level of potassium is very important for our body to work well while it’s trying to lose fat.


1. 3 large eggs (free-range or organic).

2. ½ average avocado (100g / 3.5 oz).

3. ½ package smoked salmon (50g / 1.8 oz).

4. 2 tbsp full-fat cream cheese (64g / 2.3 oz).

5. 2 tbsp freshly chopped chives.

6. 1 medium spring onion (15g / o.5 oz).

7. 1 tbsp ghee / butter.

8. salt & pepper to taste.


1. Crack the eggs into a mixing bowl with a pinch of salt and pepper and beat them well with a whisk or fork.

2. Mix the cream cheese with chopped chives. Slice the smoked salmon, peel and slice the avocado.

3. Pour the eggs evenly in a hot pan greased with ghee. Don’t rush it and don’t try to cook it fast or the omelet will end up being too crispy and dry. Use a spatula to bring in the egg from the sides towards to centre for 4. the first 30 seconds. Cook for another minute or two.

5. Note: Make sure you don’t cook the omelet for too long. The desired texture should be soft, fluffy and not too juicy.

6. Slide the omelet onto a plate and spoon the cheese spread all over.

7. Add the salmon, avocado, chopped spring onion and fold into a wrap.

8. Enjoy!

Why eggs are so good for us…

Eggs are one of the super foods. Choline contained in eggs is an essential nutrient for cardiovascular and brain function that prevents the accumulation of cholesterol and fat in the liver. Sadly, eggs have gained a bad reputation for causing heart-related diseases. However, according to the Harvard Medical School Guide to Healthy Eating:

In fact, eggs are loaded with vitamins and are a brilliant source of protein, which ranks as the highest in quality. They also contain lutein, which is a carotenoid important for eye health. When possible, get free-range eggs or eggs enriched with Omega-3. And for all those trying to lose weight, eggs will help you feel fuller for longer and are therefore great for fat loss!

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Best Recipes Breakfast Keto Omelet Wrap with Salmon & Avocado

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