Raspberry Cream Heart Fat Bombs

Ketogenic Raspberry Cream Fat Bombs

Here is a ketogenic recipe Gerri was asked to put together, they’re a sugar-free variation on a sweet one of us used to get at our favorite cafe. These little pink heart shaped bites are Low Carb Ketogenic Raspberry Cream Fat Bombs.

Their texture is unique, and the flavor floods your mouth as you bite into them with a creamy taste accompanied by a hint of raspberry. They’re simply delicious!

Pop one in your mouth and they initially feel like a cross between jello and gummy lollies, then WOW, bite down and all that flavour just bursts over your taste buds.

As you chew into them your mouth is overwhelmed with creamy raspberry deliciousness.

A Very Low Carb Keto Snack

Not only are these cute little keto snacks like a party in your mouth, they are almost completely made of fat.

Even though they look like a sugary treat, they contain only trace amounts of carbohydrates and protein.

Amounts so low that each one doesn’t even register half of a gram of carbs. That makes them the perfect keto snack.

Easy To Make Fat Bombs

These Fat Bombs are very easy to make and take next to no time to prepare. Simply mix pour, set and present. They are just one of our many fat bombs recipes. If you like these, check out our Low Carb Red Velvet Fat Bombs and our Keto Strawberries and Cream Fat Bombs.

The recipe makes 26 of these fat bomb jellies, and we’ve broken the nutrition down to each fat bomb to make it easier for you to count your macros. One serve is one fat bomb.

How to make Low Carb Ketogenic Raspberry Cream Fat Bombs



  1. Dissolve gelatin and jello in boiling water.
    Ketogenic Raspberry Cream Fat Bombs Step 1
  2. Add the cream slowly while stirring and continue to stir for 1 minute. If you add the cold cream in all at once and don’t thoroughly mix, the jellies will split creating a layered affect.
    Ketogenic Raspberry Cream Fat Bombs Step 2
Ketogenic Raspberry Cream Fat Bombs Step 3

Tip: To vary the portions and Ingredient ratios you can adjust the Low Carb Ketogenic Raspberry Cream Fat Bomb Recipe in the recipe card below. You can also print for your convenience. Enjoy!

Ketogenic Raspberry Cream Fat Bombs
Low Carb Raspberry Cream Jellies

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