Want To Lose Weight? Eat More Fat!

A “delicious diet” need not be an oxymoron. It is possible to eat plenty of tasty food and yet lose weight! Here is an account of the vegetarian low carb, high fat, high protein diet that I am on. This has lead to a significant and rapid weight loss (for me) with practically no exercise. … Read more

Are Diets Based on DNA the Next Big Thing?

Genetic research is showing that different people respond differently to certain foods. Are diets based on DNA the next big breakthrough in sports performance? Ask for diet advice on Facebook and you’ll get a lot of varying responses. Plant-based! Paleo! Everything in moderation! For the first time in the history of social media, it turns … Read more

Keto Diet Plan For Beginners

Starting a new way of eating such as the ketogenic diet meal plan can be overwhelming, especially when you are used to eating a lot of carbs and processed foods high in added sugars (it’s okay, we’re all guilty!). Many low-carb diets are high protein, low-fat which puts up a roadblock of getting into ketosis … Read more

Rebel Ice Cream | Low Carb, High Fat, Keto, No Sugar Added

What can we say, it’s hard to resist… The perfect companion to low carb waffle cones These are real testimonials from people we don’t know. They are college students and weren’t very concerned about low carb foods. Thus, these are honest and fresh perspectives from individuals who are used to and expect real, delicious ice … Read more

Ketogenic Weight-Loss Diet Burns 10 Times More Fat, Boosts Mood, Making ‘Keto Fat Balls’ Recipe Viral

The high protein healthy snack known as a ‘keto fat ball’ just became much more popular, with researchers discovering that the high fat, low-carb ketogenic diet outdoes other weight loss plans while easing anxiety and depression. Sean Gallup / Getty Images Variations on low-carb weight loss diets have existed for years, ranging from Dr. Atkins’ … Read more

Unbelievable! I lost 40 Pounds in 5 Months, But How?

Small Changes Can Have a Big Impact Year’s ago I received the book Body For Life as a Christmas gift. I was really impressed by the before and after pictures, which motivated me to read the book cover-to-cover. After reading the book, I firmly believed that a balanced diet required protein, carbs and vegetables, but … Read more