Ketogenic Diet: For Fat Loss

Ketogenic Diet (Keto Diet)


Ketogenic diet is also known as Keto Diet or Low Carb- High Fat Diet. If you are looking for weight loss diet then this is where your search could end.

Keto diet is different from normal diet. Normal diet has high carbs, low protein and moderate fat. A very large population is on normal diet, taking which makes people unfit and causes health problems. Most of the people on normal diet have bad body shape and carry more body weight than is required by the body.

Keto diet is a low carb-high protein-high fat diet. In this diet fat is high on extreme level and carbs are low at extreme level. Have a look at the keto macros given below to get an idea:

Keto Macros

If you want to be on this diet you must cut down your carbs which comes from rice, milk, pasta, bread, junk food, sugar, fruits etc. You must increase your protein intake. Some of the protein sources are chicken, fish, vegetables, seeds, nuts, olive oil etc.

How the Keto Diet works:

When we eat carbs regularly, our body breaks down the carbohydrates into glucose which gets utilized during physical activity. On a high carb diet high amount of glucose is produced by body, some of which is burnt by the body while the rest is stored as fat. Breaking down carbohydrate into glucose is the easiest process for our body. In this diet you stop taking carbohydrate which stops the glucose supply for our body, then our body goes into keto state also called Ketosis. In keto state our body starts burning the stored fat as the primary energy fuel through liver.

This helps you get lean, get in a good shape. Protein in this diet is necessary for you to gain lean mass. This diet has high fat because 1gm of fat gives 9 calories. If fat is low then you will be in a high calorie deficit which is not a good scenario. Whereas 1gm of protein has only 4 calories. So only protein is not sufficient to provide enough calories for body, that is why fat is high in this diet.

Keto Diet Problems:

  1. When you stop taking whole grain, there will be a fiber deficit in the body which will effect you bowel movement (i.e. constipation). So you have to add vegetables, seeds, nuts to your diet to make up for the fiber deficit. You need to eat at least 25gms of fiber.
  2. When you stop taking grains your body will not get sufficient vitamins and minerals, so it is essential to add multi-vitamin supplement to the diet.
  3. As carbs are low so our body flushes out water, so body stops holding water. This is because carbs are extremely low and 1 gm of carbohydrate holds 3 gms water. So, make sure to drink more water.
  4. Initial Metabolic shift for 1 week, can make you dizzy, carbs cravings etc. After 1 week you will feel normal.

Keto Diet Duration: 4-6 weeks

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