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The modern demand for low fat, low carb, high protein foods that deliver on convenience yet offer real fresh food led to the development of our popular Skinni range. Freshly prepared from the leanest cuts of meat, and packaged for convenience, so you can enjoy a high protein diet without the fat or the calories.

This is real meat made Skinni.

We all know how hard it can be to follow a consistent weight loss plan, or to eat the foods that best support our training goals and overall health. Life is busy. We work harder than ever, play harder than ever, and generally live life to the max. When it comes to fitting in regular mealtimes, convenience is key. But convenience became synonymous with low quality processed foods, whilst cooking real food remained an impractical ideal.

There is another side to the difficulties we can face when trying to remain slim and healthy in our modern world. Tired, stressed and pushed for time, we want instant gratification. The food that we crave is exactly the food that we shouldn’t; burgers, sausages and curry all come with a health warning but heeding that warning is often impossible to do. Bread, meat, fat and salt are the stuff dreams are made of after a hard day’s work and several hours stuck on the ring road.

The original core products of our Skinni range were exactly that. Low fat, low carb versions of family favourites, made from real meat and without all the fillers and chemical preservatives. Skinni Pork Sausages and Skinni Beef Sausages, are low in fat, low in carbs, and high in protein. Yet they bring all the joy that a sausage should. It is up to you whether you encase a Skinni Burger in bread or not, but it remains about as burger-y as a burger can be. And yes, it too is low fat, low carb and high in protein. Our square sausage, aka Skinni Slice, is an absolute triumph. With 40% less fat than your average square sausage, and less carbohydrate filler, our Skinni version of Lorne sausage comes in at 1.3g fat per slice. And tastes every bit as good as its artery clogging cousin.

Traditional breakfast products such as black pudding and haggis have also had a Skinni makeover. Standard black pudding will cost you on average about 300kcals without change, and roughly 22g of fat. Compare that with our Skinni black pudding that has just 1.6g of fat in 2 generous slices and you can see why so many people have made the switch to Skinni. Our Skinni haggis slices have all the flavour of traditional haggis, but made with only lean beef they provide a great low fat, high protein alternative. That’s breakfast sorted. We all know it is the best meal of the day, but when it comes to keeping the weight off or maintaining your energy source throughout the day, a high protein breakfast really is king.

Since day one, we have been continuously adding new products to our Skinni range. As our popularity grows, so does our range. As a response to customer requests, and a growing understanding of your needs when it comes to finding high protein foods that help you to lose weight and stay slim, we keep adding new low-fat meats for you to discover and enjoy.

Take our new BBQ and Grill ranges for example. In addition to our popular Hot N Spicy Skinni Pork Kebabs and Smoky Barbecue Skinni Beef Kebabs, we recently added a whole new range of barbecue and grill ready lean meat cuts. Perfect for your evening slimming eats.

High protein food is now considered to be the mainstay of healthy eating.

Recommendations allow for 35% of your caloric intake to be lean protein. But rather than simply adding to your intake, which would result in an excess of calories, you will need to cut down on carbohydrates and fat to pick up the slack. Whilst no one wants to be slavishly counting calories, intake remains important. The fact that you will put on weight if your intake exceeds your expenditure remains a biological fact. The new ideal is a diet rich in lean protein and fresh fruit and vegetables. Some carbohydrates are necessary, depending on how active you are, and a certain amount of healthy fats too.

Our Skinni range makes this equation easy, and there is something here to please everyone. Food is, after all, still about enjoyment. We break bread together (well, perhaps not bread), gather around the table, and centre our lives around mealtimes. Different days bring different requirements, for both body and mind. If you know your body, and eat with awareness, then on the days when you need comfort food do it. Mashed potato and gravy (paired with our Skinni Beef Olives of course) isn’t going to kill you.

On a lighter, perhaps more positive day, you may yearn for a more vibrant meal of crisp salad vegetables and not feel the need for potatoes, rice, bread, or even wholegrains such as quinoa. Pick a lean cut from our Skinni Range Grill Pack, cook it in about 5 minutes, and pair with a massive salad. The lean protein will fill you up and keep you satisfied whilst the raw goodness of vegetables will increase your vitality.

There is something to suit every meal, every day of the week with our Skinni range.

Enjoy protein packed breakfasts as often as you like, indulge in burgers and sweet potato fries on a Friday box set binge and keep up the much loved tradition of Sunday lunch with our Skinni Chicken Fillets stuffed with Skinni Black Pudding. There’s Skinni Italian Meatballs or kebabs to keep the midweek wolf from the door, even a low fat toad in the hole made with our Skinni Sausages on a chilly autumn night.

Take it easy. Enjoy your food. Skinni style.

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