ITG Diet vs Typical Keto Diets


In light of the new year and "dieting season," there are many articles and news pieces published every day comparing a typical keto diet to other weight loss plans. On average, about 6,000 articles, documents and reviews are posted daily dealing with health and weight loss. Sifting through all that material on the internet can dig up a lot of information, both educational as well as misguided.

While the ITG Diet Plan does get you into a light state of ketosis, there are differences between ITG and simply eating foods according to a keto lifestyle. A typical keto diet is a way of eating rather than a weight loss plan, allowing many foods that we restrict while on the ITG Diet Plan.

There is even more misinformation available online that could be confusing if you are looking to start a ketogenic weight loss program. While the keto program you choose may work at first, they may be difficult to adhere to without coaching or guidelines and may also cause you to reach a plateau in your weight loss. Having a weight loss stall can cause a lot of frustration as well as make you want to quit.

The ITG Diet is a modified ketogenic program to help you lose weight by cutting back on carbs and sugar intake, drinking plenty of water and eating vegetables, as well as eating the proper amount of protein. Keto plans that are detailed online will many times allow fruits, vegetables, and some foods higher in carbs and fat such as nuts, avocados and beans. ITG restricts these since they will cause stalls in your weight loss progress.

ITG also limits fat by using lean proteins in order to maintain muscle mass. Remember, too much fat and too much protein can hinder weight loss progress due to the fact that these macronutrients in excess will simply be converted to and stored as more fat. Many keto diets (a way of eating rather than a weight loss plan) stress the importance of high protein as well as high fat. The ITG Diet Plan is higher in protein than most diets (but not a high protein diet), which means the body will receive the adequate amount needed to protect muscle mass. Typical keto diets also place an emphasis on high fat. As you progress in your weight loss journey, you will notice that if you eat foods with a high fat content, your weight loss might stall (this is why we limit items such as salmon, whole tuna, red meat, and other fatty protein sources.)

If you find information online and have questions as to why you cannot eat certain foods or follow advice you may have read, make sure to speak with your ITG Coach. Your coach is your lifeline to success while on the program and will guide you on the right path to making healthy eating choices. By utilizing ITG’s plan and dietary guidelines, your coach will show you how ITG works compared to a typical keto lifestyle. If you have any other questions about the differences between ITG and typical keto diets, please contact us at ITG and we would be happy to help you in your weight loss journey! is a news aggregation service that brings you best of world articles to you for your consumption.

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