A Complete Vegetarian Guide to the Ketogenic Diet

If there ever was a yearly diet trend, 2017 (and heading into 2018) was the year for the ketogenic diet. Because there are so many questions surrounding the ketogenic diet, we put together a complete vegetarian guide to the ketogenic diet for you today. A Complete Vegetarian Guide to the Ketogenic Diet What is “Keto?” … Read more

ITG Diet vs Typical Keto Diets

In light of the new year and "dieting season," there are many articles and news pieces published every day comparing a typical keto diet to other weight loss plans. On average, about 6,000 articles, documents and reviews are posted daily dealing with health and weight loss. Sifting through all that material on the internet can … Read more

Low Carb High Fat Diet Tips

by Healthoria.com For most people, a low carb diet is often accompanied by high protein consumption but it isn’t the only way to do it. Another popular option, when restricting carbs, is to also switch to a high fat diet. That’s insane, right? When you start a diet, it’s usually to lose body fat. But, … Read more

Ketogenic Diet Rapid Fat Loss

If you are severely overweight then pretty much any ‘diet’ you try you will shed the pounds. The last thing your body needs is any kind of crash diet or short-term fix. What you need to do is concentrate on your relationship with food and change your metabolism to burning fat for energy. A ketogenic … Read more

Low Carb Yogurt Options for a Keto Diet

This post may be sponsored or contain affiliate links. We may earn money from purchases made through links mentioned in this post, but all opinions are our own. We are a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for us to earn fees by linking … Read more

Getting Started with Keto :: A Sampler of Snacks

Most people today are familiar with the Keto diet, since it has become almost mainstream – right up there with so many people now eating Paleo. If you’re not familiar with the Keto diet plan, you may think that foods having a high fat content can’t be healthy. If you are familiar with the Keto … Read more

How Much and Which Types of Fat?

I often get asked ‘how much fat should people on a low carb high fat diet eat’ and ‘which types of fat’? In this article I answer both questions. As mentioned in previous blogs, there are many types of “low carb diets” -ranging from moderately low carb diets (~130 g carbs) such as the one … Read more