Low Carb Diet Vs High Carb Diet – Ideal & Healthy Weight loss Diet

This will give you cross comparison between two forms of diet methods – Low Carb Diet Vs High Carb Diet .

Low Carb Diet Vs High Carb Diet – Ideal Weight loss Diet

Diet is like a holy word in dictionary of every one who wants to look healthy and be healthy . Health is not just internal these days , looking healthy does matters a lot . So one confusion on choosing a diet is Low Carb Diet Vs High Carb Diet , that is whether to take carbohydrates or to avoid carbohydrates or to reduce carbohydrate . So that’s what we will discuss under the heading of comparison between Low Carb Diet Vs High Carb Diet .

Carbohydrates are an integral part of our diet. They are the most commonly available bio molecules. They serve as an essential reservoir of energy for most organisms , but are not classified as essential nutrients. Carbohydrates are mere sugars or starches. But when it comes to the point of dieting there is always a serious confusion between Low Carb Diet Vs High Carb Diet . That is whether to intake carbohydrates or to skip carbohydrate to reduce weight .

That is a confusion between Low Carb Diet Vs High Carb Diet .

Carbohydrates are primarily a source of immediate energy for all of our body’s cells. One gram of carbohydrate contains approximately 4 kilocalories. It is studied that about 40-65 percent of a body’s energy requirements are obtained from carbohydrates, that is 130 grams per day is essential for the general population.

The glycemic index (GI) is a ranking system for carbohydrates based on their effect to raise the blood sugar level. The ranking ranges from 0 to 100. Foods with a GI close to 0 have less impact on the blood sugar level. Foods with a GI under 55 are considered as low GI, between 56 and 69 as intermediate GI, and more than 70 as high GI.

Carbohydrates are found in grains, legumes, starchy vegetables, fruits, sweeteners, nuts, and seeds. Not all carbohydrates are created equal; some are rich in carbs, whereas some are low carbohydrate foods.

But with carbohydrates being projected as bad and unpleasant food; if the right carb is consumed in moderation it can be beneficial to gain good health, weight and longevity.

Here makes the sensibility to discuss between Low Carb Diet Vs High Carb Diet –

Low carb diet is defined as restricting carbohydrates to less than 20% of the calorie intake. It is not a new concept in the medical community. It is widely used for various benefits like weight loss, better control over insulin and thus blood sugar level, decreased risk of cancer and cardiovascular diseases, and increased cognitive performance.

Our body stores glucose required for 24 hours, once glucose is not available as source of energy our body burns the fat in our diet or stored in our body.

The main culprit behind the rise in blood sugar level, weight gain, and chronic diseases is carbohydrates. So just by throwing them like the weeds in your beautiful garden you can enjoy better health. Totally being low on carb intake is also bad for your health. Don’t just cut down carbs but limit them. The brain requires a minimum of 130 grams of carbohydrates a day to function in an optimal condition.

When it comes to Low Carb Diet Vs High Carb Diet i recommend don’t choose either side strictly choose the average of these . Neither too high nor too low carb.

As in case of Atkin’s diet, which is a low carb diet that became popular in 1972 it was revolutionizing as it was preceded by low fat diet. With low carb diet, fat was allowed to be consumed. With low carb weight loss was significant, along with other health benefits like lowered blood pressure, cholesterol as well as the triglycerides. With this the chronic diseases are all kept at bay.

Just as there are benefits, there are flaws attached to the low carb diet. The biggest disadvantage in low carb diet is the wanted and unwanted carbs are cut whereas high fat foods are consumed like cheese, high fat meats and poultry.

Our body stores glucose required for 24 hours, once glucose is not available as source of energy our body burns the fat in our diet or stored in our body. With low carb diet there is an initial induction phase where all the carbs are totally eliminated from the diet. Then the body turns to burn down the muscle mass for the stored glucose that is glycogen. As the glycogen stores get depleted, and then the body fat is being consumed. But this is with the production of ketones. Ketones are responsible for bad odour from the mouth, light headedness, headache, and easy fatigability.

Cutting healthy carbs can deprive the brain, kidneys, muscles, and heart of their energy supply. As the carbs are cut, body goes into a state of ketosis characterized by lethargy, tiredness, headache, and bad breath. This state of ketosis for prolonged periods is detrimental to health of an individual. Following a low carb diet for prolonged duration can result in increased risk of cholesterol, osteoporosis, kidney disease, and sudden death too.

Low carb diets are not sustainable. Over a prolonged duration they make a person fatter and not thinner. They make you feel deprived and bloat your tummy.

If you are the one with insulin resistance and have diabetes mellitus, or obese then low carb diet is the ideal diet for you as it helps you in lowering your blood sugar as well as insulin levels, the bad cholesterol as well as the blood pressure will decrease. The good news is the “good” HDL cholesterol will only increase.

The havoc low carb diet created is of bigger magnitude. As the body starts breaking down the muscle for its energy requirement, the metabolism slows down. The calories consumed are of a very high quantity. Due to this the weight regains with cutting down carbs from your diet. Thus weight loss is not permanent with low carb diet.

By cutting down carbs and increasing the high fat diet, the “bad” LDL cholesterol with raise up. With too much of meat consumption, the amino acid homocysteine will increase and the risk of heart disease is greatly increased. The ketones accumulated will burden the kidneys and the incidence of kidney stones will be increased in such individuals.

When you choose Low carb diet then on the battle between Low Carb Diet Vs High Carb Diet you will miss these things .

With low carb diet your body will be deprived of essential nutrients which are required for well being by shunning away foods like:

  1. Beans: These are protein, Vitamin B and carbs rich. They protect the heart and also prevent cancer.
  2. Fruits and vegetables: These help prevent cancer, are safe to the heart, prevent stroke too. Most of these are filling and help in cutting down calorie intake without leading to any form of deprivation.
  3. Whole grains
  4. Dairy products: Carb restricted or low carb diet allows butter and cream consumption. But the recommended calcium requirement will not be available from these sources. Hence fat free or low fat versions of milk and curds are advised.
  5. Fiber: Fruits, vegetables, are rich in fiber which helps in reducing cholesterol, blood sugar.
  6. Vitamins and minerals: By cutting down carbs, the vitamins and minerals are also cut down as fruits and vegetables are restricted.

Low carb has its own benefits when it is done effectively and in the correct manner . Above we discussed its consequence of Low carb diet but if you follow Low carb diet in correct manner here you get the Amazing benefits of Low carb diet .

Studies have shown that cutting down the calorie intake by cutting down carb is ideal for fat loss. The final outcome is significant weight loss, improvements in sleep and mood and general well being. The markers of metabolism like blood pressure, insulin sensitivity, and triglycerides have greatly improved. With these being controlled the endocrine disorders like the PCOS, infertility and low testosterone will all be rectified.

These are the key benefits of Low carb diet
  1. Fast weight loss as the body metabolizes fat in the body as carbs are deficient.
  2. Better cognitive function.
  3. Reduced risk of metabolic syndrome and heart disease.
  4. Lower risk for diabetes mellitus.
  5. Helps fight cancer.
  6. Better digestion and hormone regulation.
  7. Problems associated with low carb diet

Many gut conditions will also be resolved by cutting down on many carbs. Ketogenic diets with low carb intake are used to treat many neurologic disorders including Alzheimer’s disease and many types of cancer.

High carb diet has no official definition. Obtaining a high calorie of about 53% for weight from only carbs is considered as bad for weight gain and obesity. A high carb diet is considered as a bad diet for weight loss as it includes 275 to 350 grams of carb intake per day.

High carb foods are whole grains like breads, cereals, and pasta, starchy vegetables like potatoes, corn, fruits, milk, and yogurt. A high carb diet is often considered as bad in terms of gaining weight and obesity.

The basic principle of a high carb diet is to consume foods that are rich in carbohydrates. When our body is supplied with carbohydrates, cells fail to metabolize fat into energy. Thus the fat storage increases. This is the main reason why high carb diet is not of significance in our society which aims at losing weight.

A well balanced high carb diet provides 60% of its calories from carbs, 20% from proteins, and 20% from fat.

With so many benefits of low carb diet being discussed everywhere many have lowered their carb intake to lead a happier life. But it is not the truth over a long period of time.

For a healthy active individual, cutting down carb can send a signal to the body that it is under stress and can affect the function of thyroid as well as the adrenal gland. Impaired functioning of the adrenals can cause various hormonal imbalances. It can cause problems related to infertility, menstruation, and mood disorders.

Prolonged low carb diet can also starve our good microbial gut flora of its energy requirement by the fermentable sugar. This can create dysbiosis.

High carb diet lowers the BMI. This is achieved by restricting the calorie intake to 1600 to 2000 calories a day. This can be derived from high carb fruits, vegetables, and low fat dairy products rather than fatty foods. The former have more water and fiber content, and are low in trans and started foods. As the fats are restricted, the carbohydrates will be metabolized into energy. This makes burning the fat easier.

High carb diet that has low GI food foods protects against heart disease and stroke. This is due to the presence of phytochemicals, vegetable proteins, and fibres rich in low GI foods.

High carb diet as compared to low carb diet increases the mood, acts as a tranquilizer, and reduces appetite.

This form of diet is generally good for athletes as it provides them nutrients and energy for longer periods of time.

They are the key benefits of High carb diet

  1. If you are involved in daily exercise.
  2. Irregular periods or menstruation abnormalities.
  3. Sleep, mood issues.
  4. Adrenal insufficiency
  5. Hypothyroidism
  6. Pregnant or breastfeeding
  7. If you are on a low carb diet for a prolonged time.

It is linked to cancer. Cancer cells depend on glucose for growth and multiplication. In a high carb diet, the cancer cells multiply rapidly thus progressing the stage of the growth of tumors.

A high cab diet causes memory impairment in older people as it develops cognitive impairment. The increased level of carbs affects the blood vessels of the brain and in turn proteins are formed that are toxic to brain health. This increases the risk of Alzheimer’s disease.

A low fat high carb diet with increased sugar intake worsens the blood cholesterol and triglyceride levels. Thus it increases the risk of heart diseases and other ailments.

A high carb diet leads to rapid weight loss if the excess calories are not burnt effectively. This form of diet is not advisable to type 2 diabetes mellitus patients.

Low Carb Diet Vs High Carb Dietis a topic of discussion since ages. The main component involved is weight and fat loss, without depriving the body of its protein and nutrition needs. The best way to burn that extra kilos of fat is by burning it and reducing the intake significantly. High and low carbohydrate diet are both considered as a wonderful way to lose weight, but which is superior is debate worthy.

The choice to determine which diet is superior depends on the individual. It is the present craze to switch to a low carb diet.

  • This includes intake of high protein and fats and thus reducing carb intake. Carbs can be reduced to as low as 50 grams per day or even lesser than that.
  • Low carb diet significantly reduces weight as more calories are burned here than consumed. Low carb is very low in calories, so weight loss is guaranteed.
  • Low carb diet should be a minimum of 1300 calorie intake in women per day and 1700 per day for men. It should be combined with fiber supplement.
    Now to compare the above lines will see points on High Carb to get nutshell of Low Carb Diet Vs High Carb Diet
  • High carbohydrate diet is not a bad diet plan. It does cause weight loss by reducing the body fat but not as significant as low carb diet.
  • In studies conducted in US, it is found that high carb diet people have a low BMI. This is because they include water and high fiber content. The fat consumed is low.
  • Overall the consumption of trans fats and saturated fats is low.

There are many debates on the superiority of these diets – Low Carb Diet Vs High Carb Diet. Either ways it is essential to include a balanced diet. Both diets are equally good in weight loss and to get back in shape. The diet should be adapted and should be carried out throughout life. Exercise clubbed to the diet of choice rich in essential nutrients and proteins and definitely good fats is important.

Combining both

Now we will combine both the diet plans

Low Carb Diet Vs High Carb Diet has been a topic of debate and gained significant interest and concern. Low carb diet is the significant weight loss diet. People who are active metabolically and healthy without any underlying disease can supplement grains like rice into the low carb diet to make it the ideal diet for weight loss.

It is up to you to select which diet is suitable for you and stick to it and achieve weight loss.

It is advised to consume low crabs on some days and high carbs on other days. For significant weight loss with the combination of these plans it is advised to incorporate exercise to make it effective. The main aim of combination diet is to keep your body guessing what quantity of carbs intake you will follow. This in turn will help body to burn fat.

To conclude, low carb or high carb diet is not a magic diet. It takes time for our body to adjust to the eating plan. Altering between low and high carb diet is an excellent diet plan. High carb diet contributes to obesity and diabetes both of which are risk factors for heart disease.

The bottom line of any diet plan , same here in case of Low Carb Diet Vs High Carb Diet. You are advised to stick to any diet plan which suits the individual’s body needs.

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