New Year’s Keto Resolution 2018

Do you have a New Year’s resolution….does it have to do with losing weight or getting healthy ?? …then this video & channel are what you need. Please Subscribe and share if you like it….. Welcome to GOING GONZO’s Keto Diet and Fitness page. In my journey to lose weight and get healthy I stumbled … Read more

Nutrient-Dense Approach to Weight Management

I will share with you what I just shared with another concerned user. Basically what is being advocated for is a low carb, high fat/protein diet. This would essentially be a ketogenic diet. Ketogenic diets have been shown to be helpful with children with epilepsy for the short term. All other aspects of the diet … Read more

Keto Holiday Guide

15 Tips for Thriving Throughout the Holidays From holiday parties to events year-round, these tips are sure to help throughout the party season. The holidays are a time to enjoy with family and friends–and to stay focused on your goals. But let’s face it, with most major holidays and celebrations come added temptations, often in … Read more

Sweden gets it right

I sometimes think that I should go and live in a Scandinavian country. They get so many things right about how to run healthy, equitable, societies. In addition, the people who live there seem more balanced and, well, frankly, more grown up. So it comes as no surprise to me that if a nation was … Read more

What Is Ketosis?

The body typically gets its fuel from dietary carbohydrates, which includes foods like rice, bread, pasta, and other grains, along with fruit, sugars, and vegetables. When carbohydrates, specifically starches and sugars enter the body they are broken down into glucose, and used by the body for energy. The hormone insulin then steps in to remove … Read more

A Low Carb, High Fat Diet For Polycystic Ovary Syndrome

In the modern world, our unnatural lifestyles contribute to the development of countless hormonal imbalances and disorders. Polycystic Ovary Syndrome is a rare case in this environment, as it cannot be avoided at all in most cases. However, sufferers can alleviate many of their symptoms with proper diet. A good diet for someone with Polycystic … Read more

Low Carb Cheat Day

Diet stalls are frustrating. You limit carbs but the scale ignores you. A low carb cheat day may help by shaking up your metabolism. Here’s scientific proof and a plan to do it right. Why cheat days burn more fat How to plan your perfect low carb cheat day The days before and after you … Read more

Healthiest High Fat Foods

Let’s be honest: eating lots of fat is one of the best things about your low carb diet. This isn’t a gimmick. It’s hard science. Find the foods, grab some recipes and add more healthy fats to your plan. 14 high fat low carb foods and health benefits Easy high fat keto recipes and food … Read more

The Truth About Losing Weight On a Low-Carb Diet

Carbs: One of the most-hated words in the diet community, and an often-avoided food group for those looking to slim down. You’ve no doubt tried cutting carbs in the past at one point or another. If you’re watching your weight, maybe you’ve sworn off carbs now. Or at least you’ve attempted to cut down on … Read more