Coconut Applesauce Microwave Keto Cake! The Easy Low Carb Breakfast Cake

This breakfast cake is great for those of you who are gluten-free, dairy-free, low carb, paleo, keto … or just, like me, obsessed with cake!

As you’ll be aware, if you read my How To Stop Nausea post, I struggle most mornings with feeling horrifically sick. That’s ‘sick’ in the English way- not the American term for having the flu! It’s a lot better now than it was even a few years ago, when I had to have a 100% ketogenic diet or risk vomiting at every meal. That means low or no carbs and high fats. Very high fats. My nails and skin have never looked so darn good I can tell you that for nothing!

I’ve moved past the keto diet- thank god. Variety at last!- through the low carb and now to a low carb version of the Low FODMAP diet which really does seem to be making all the difference to my life. It’s wonderful, especially for those with IBS and even some energy conditions, so I can’t recommend it enough if you’re struggling with stomach complaints. You can find out more about it here:

One difficulty was having food I could easily create and eat in a hurry, especially at breakfast time when I need to eat very early in order to take my meds… or else become a raging She Hulk who roars about her pain (read: sulks in the corner and maybe gets a bit weepy. I’m not really a yeller, I just like to pretend I’m a superhero). When toast and a bowl of cereal are out of the question and you need something to quickly shovel in your mouth, well… a microwave becomes your best friend.

This cake recipe works brilliantly because it’s easy to put together, fast to cook, calms an upset, hungry belly and is just generally delicious! I’ve added some substitution suggestions to the notes at the end in case anything I’ve listed doesn’t agree with you.



2 eggs
¼ tsp baking powder
3 tbsp unsweetened applesauce
2 tbsp granulated sweetener
3 tbsp coconut flour

Optional extras: sprinkle of cinnamon, drop vanilla essence.

Mix all ingredients together in a microwaveable bowl.
Microwave for 5 minutes (900W- 20 sec longer for lower power), check the centre is firm. If not, microwave for 30 seconds at a time until centre is cooked.

Serve with soya yogurt and frozen berries.


Coconut flour is not like other flours- it is extremely absorbent and cannot be substituted 1:1 for other flours. If you want to switch the coconut flour to either a normal or gluten free flour then I suggest you add a little more. Almond flour will also work well.

I use Splenda or supermarket own brand versions (that’s sucralose) as my sweetener of choice but if you find another works better for you then go for it. Use the same quantity when swapping directly to granulated cane sugar but you’ll want to use a little less for liquid sweeteners. If you’re using pre-sweetened applesauce then you can always cut out adding a sweetener entirely.

Can’t get your hands on applesauce or just hate the taste? Then try pureed pumpkin! Trust me, it’s delicious.

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