[SV] Down 61 pounds in two months

My Story: Hello, fellow ketoers. I’ve been on this sub every day, commenting on the daily page and on other people’s wonderful progress posts. I figured it was time to post one of my own. As my flair says, I started keto on December 10th. I started browsing fat shamming subs on reddit and feeling terrible about how everyone saw me. I wasn’t a "fat logic" person. I knew what I was doing what making me unhealthy. I was depressed. I figured that was what these people didn’t understand. Who wants to be fat? How many fat people are truly happy with themselves? I wasn’t. On Christmas it got worse. I heard that multiple people at my wife’s Christmas party were laughing about my weight (I wasn’t even there). Most of them didn’t even know me. One of them even went around telling everyone who knew my wife how funny it was that her husband was fat. He had the nerve to tell my wife this to her face, thinking she’d join in on the laugh. It surprises me that people can have so much disdain for a stranger based on their body. I can’t say this didn’t motivate me, but it’s not about them; it’s about me. I’m still fat but I’m happier now than I’ve been in years. I’ve got about 100 pounds more to go. All my BJJ (Brazilian Jiu Jitsu) Gi’s are in my closest waiting. Few things matter more to me than returning to my old gym/dojo, hugging my coach, and finishing the job I quit four years ago. I want them to see my skinnier and more committed than I was when I left.

My Routine: I always eat less than 20g of carbs. I haven’t eaten anything that wasn’t low carb. Typically, I’ll eat OMAD (one meal a day) but I’ll usually eat twice on Sundays. Most Mondays I’ll fast. With my schedule, I’m simply too busy to get a proper meal on Monday. I work third and second shift every week. My work schedule, I figured, would make it impossible to lose weight. Because I was always tired, I’d have a 20oz redbull at work every night (I haven’t had anything to drink but water since December 10th). I cannot sleep at a regular time. On top of that, I work a desk job. I get up every hour I am at work and walk around. My fitbit has helped tremendously. I workout as often as possible (at least 4 days a week) and I am currently on a 9 day streak. Working out for me mostly entails running and occasional endurance strength training. I’ve signed up for 6 races through July.

Advice: Obviously, stay under 20g of carbs and don’t cheat yourself. If you can fast, that’ll always keep the numbers on the scale going down. If you can make it to the gym multiple times a week, you’ll find similar success on the scale. Track your calories. CICO is still god. You can go the slow route or the fast route but you have to go the long route to have the success that truly matters.

Pics and Progress: I started in 5XL shirts. I can now squeeze into 2XL. I’d always wear really long shirts because my gut hangs low and I was always afraid I’d raise my arms and it’d pop out. My clothes always made me look fatter. I don’t see huge progress in the pictures but I know what the scale says and I know how hard I’ve worked–that’s what matters most. Pics.

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