What is keto diet plan and how it is beneficial for us?

These days, the new trend in the diet world is the keto diet. It is beating all the other diets and going on to be the best diet plan. The keto diet meal plan is basically a low carb diet. The body will produce ketones in its liver which is used as energy. The diet has different names like low carb diet, the ketogenic diet and low carb high fat (LCHF).

What is keto diet plan and how it is beneficial for us?

What is Keto diet and its health benefits?

When you consume food containing high amounts of carbs, the body will produce glucose and insulin in order to break down the carbs. As Glucose is the primary energy component, it is used for energy.

Thus, the fat that you consume along with the carbs will not be utilized. It is stored in your body making you fat. When you lower the intake of carbs, your body will have no other option but to utilize all the fat that is stored.

The body will be induced into a state called as ketosis. It is a natural process initiated by the body to help you survive when the food you consume is low.

The body produces ketones by breaking down fat in the liver. A well-balanced keto diet is consuming fewer carbohydrates, not less calories. Ideal ketone levels in your body will be beneficial for your health, good for weight loss and are also the best for physical and mental performances.

What are the benefits of a keto diet?

There are many benefits of following a keto diet. Firstly, it is an absolutely safe and healthy diet that anyone can follow. It is a natural process of encouraging your body to cut the carb and burn the fat. Below are some of the most beneficial effects of a keto diet.

1. Keto weight loss

Obviously, the first and the most important use of a keto diet is weight loss. It is with this aim that most of the people opt for the keto diet.

As your body fat is used to give you energy to your daily activities, your body will burn a lot of fat that was accumulated over the years.

When you are on the keto diet, your insulin levels drop, which will turn your body into a fat burning furnace. This low carb keto diet is said to be better in losing weight than the other types of diets like the low-fat and high-carb diets.

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2. Blood sugar level control

The ketogenic diet is all about consumption of fewer carbohydrates. This will naturally lower your blood sugar levels. It is the best diet to manage and prevent diabetes. It is the best diet for pre-diabetic people.

3. Concentration

Keto diet is said to increase your concentration and mental performance. Ketones sharpen your brain and increase your focus.

4. Energy increase

The energy levels are increased as you are on a more reliable energy source. You will feel active and ready go all through the day.

5. Less hunger

Fat can keep you full for a long time. You will be fuller all day long and will not feel hungry frequently through the day.

6. Controls blood pressure and cholesterol

The keto diet will improve triglyceride levels in your body. They will also lower your cholesterol levels. This will lessen the arterial build-up. The low-carb diets will improve your blood pressure.

7. Epilepsy

A common mental illness, epilepsy can find positive results through the ketogenic diet. It is the best therapy used for children with uncontrolled epilepsy. As fewer medications are used, this diet is preferred.

8. Insulin resistance

If insulin resistance is left unmanaged, it will lead to type II diabetes. A ketogenic diet with their low carb plan will help you lower your insulin levels until they are in healthy ranges. Insulin optimization will help anyone including the athletes.

9. Cures Acne

Acne is a common problem, especially in youngsters. Keto diet will improve your skin texture and quality. Your body and skin will become healthier when you are on a ketogenic diet. There will be reduced amounts of lesions and skin inflammations. Eating high amounts of carbs can cause acne. With low carb diet, you will be avoiding it.

How to start a keto diet

Prepare your mind and body to start a keto diet. Plan and consult an expert to draw a diet plan for your daily life. You must make a constant decision to stick to your diet plan no matter how busy you are.

Remember that a wrong diet plan is worse than no diet plan. So, when you start, you must be on the right kind of diet proposed by an expert.

Begin by restricting carbohydrates in your daily diet. It must be cut to as less as 10-15g per day. This will help you begin the keto diet easily.

Your keto diet will include:

Limited amounts of carbohydrates that are from nuts, vegetables, and dairy.

No refined carbohydrates like wheat, starch or fruits. The only exceptions in fruits are avocado, berries and star fruits.

Avoid grains like wheat, rice, corn, and cereal. Do not eat any kind of sugar – honey, maple syrup or agave. Do not consume fruits like oranges, apples, and grapes. Say no to tubers like potato and yams.

Eat lots of meat like poultry, eggs, fish, beef, and lamb. Consume leafy Greens, vegetables, high-fat dairy, nuts and seeds and sweeteners like stevia and erythritol.

Sample keto diet meal plan:

Targeted Ketogenic Diet (TKD): This is a diet which is targeted for energy during your workouts. You can consume 25-50 grams of carbs around 30 minutes to one hour before your exercise regime.

Cyclical Ketogenic Diet (CKD): This is nothing but recurrent fasting. There is a 5/2 cycle where you eat low-carb, ketogenic diet for some days and then eat high-carb for a few days.

High-Protein Ketogenic Diet: Add additional amounts of protein to your keto diet. This is ideal for athletes. But the amount of proteins added should not trigger gluconeogenesis.


These are some of the types of keto diets. There are many such keto diets charted by experts. Talk to them and know your body well before you pick the one that is good for your body. Make sure you do the diet the right way to get good results and also to remain healthy.

We hope you have got what is the keto diet and how it is beneficial for us. Start this diet plant from today and let us know about result in comment section or at Facebook page.



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