What you need to know about the Keto diet

So, you want to lose weight? Okay. You are designing a simple chart that is easy to follow and continue. Suppose we let you into a regime that is high in fat but works in losing weight, will you be happy? No, we are not joking. We are talking about keto diet which is low in carbohydrates and high in fat.

But before you plan to dive into it, here is what you need to know…

Throw some light on Keto:

The body uses either of the two sources for energy: glucose and fat. When you need to feel vibrant, your body utilizes glucose as it is the principal source of energy. Glucose, and also insulin, is produced when carbs are broken down. Our meals are high in carbs given that our staple is banana, rice, roti, potato and such. So, it is safe to gather that we use glucose much of the time for vitality and strength.

Switching the energy source:

Turning this process on its head is a keto diet. As we know this health plan is low in carbs, therefore glucose production take a hit.

The body goes into a state of ketosis which gets activated when the carbohydrate, read glucose, intake is low. Fat is used as a fuel measure as glucose is in short supply. In the process, you begin to use fat and thus you get leaner faster. Lesser fat mass means a healthier you.

It is also known as ketogenic diet derived from the word ketones, the molecules which are synthesized in the liver. These are used when we need energy.

Why all this?

Unlike any other diet regime which bans high intake of fat and forces you to go lean, keto diet allows you to enjoy a wholesome fat-filled meal. You end up feeling contented and good while our physical self does what it needs to do.

The diet is believed to help lose weight and make you feel vibrant for a long time without feeling hungry all the time.

Nuts are a great source of healthy fats. Keep them handy for the in-between meals hunger pangs.

Paybacks of a keto diet:

The health interest that yields from this diet will make you smile from ear to ear. Here we list some goodness:

Blood sugar is under control:

Insulin is a hormone which stores fat. By pulling the plugs on it and denying these carbohydrates, the insulin levels drop and our body goes into a ketosis zone which begins to burn fat for energy utilization. For the above reason, a keto diet naturally lowers blood sugar levels and is seen to be more effective in keeping diabetes under control.

Weight under control with a regular supply of energy:

It helps us manage optimal weight while boosting energy levels with a sustained supply of vibrancy. The result of this diet is encouraging as compared to other diets as fats are believed to be a better choice as a fuel source. And the added perk is that a fat-rich meal gives you a feeling a satiety for a longer time.

Increased concentration:

Unlike a high carb diet which spikes up your sugar, a keto diet is said to level off blood sugar, thus having a positive effect in improving your concentration and brain vitality.

Power shift – Punching down the bad cholesterol:

A ketogenic diet improves cholesterol and triglyceride levels as the HDL shifts to a higher scale lowering LDL levels.


This is a huge bonus for all those pretty damsels and dashing dudes out there. The diet helps in improving the skin texture. Acne decreases and so does the skin inflammation and other ‘cry your heart out’ skin troubles.

Add a teaspoon of ghee to your meals to make to tastier and healthier.

So what do I eat?

Just remember, a keto diet is high in fat, less in carbs with a protein ratio of 50-50. Below are the things you can put on your plate…

Green and leafy: Go for kale, palak, methi, turnip leaves and sarso.

Vegetables: Such as cabbage, cauliflower, broccoli, capsicum, carrots, kaddu (yellow pumpkin). Stir fry them in some butter and enjoy. If you are preparing a salad, pour olive oil on it. Try and replace rice, potato with veggies. Enjoy.

High Fat Dairy – Paneer, cheese, high fat cream, butter, coconut oil, though high-fat dahi should be consumed in moderation.

Meat – Excess protein is converted to glucose thus counter-keto. A regular portion of meat is keto friendly. You will have to keep in mind that ketogenic diet is high in fat not in protein.

Eggs, fish and shellfish – Seafood especially fatty fish like salmon is perfect when you are on a keto diet and so are eggs. Have them any way you like.

Nuts – Almonds, walnut, hazelnuts, pecan, macadamia, you may snack on them. Other nuts have in moderation. To kick that 4 pm hunger, have peanut butter.


  • Ketosis a natural process. However, before starting on this diet, please consult your doctor or your nutritionist especially if you are on some medication or if the diet requires you to make major lifestyle changes.
  • Please keep in mind to have everything in moderation. Too much or too less of anything can cause health problems.
  • By fat, we are only talking about healthy sources, so restrict those deep-fried samosas and the likes.
  • Keep yourself hydrated with nimbu paani as you would be losing electrolytes.
  • Constipation is one huge drawback in a keto diet as it is low in carbs. To increase bulk formation, consume more veggies.
  • Your body needs carbohydrates so while you might restrict its intake, do not give it a complete miss.

It’s our duty to give you the information, but by the end of it, opt for a diet that resonates the most with the healthy you.

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