7 Best Low Carb Snacks For Work


You probably enjoy eating snacks every time you want to kick out light hunger or some crazy cravings. However, there is always that fear of gaining extra calories from these snacks.

There are quite a number of snacks one can decide to eat but most have disadvantages attached to them. In life, the worst issues to deal with are health issues mainly because they can send you to your early grave.

Actually, you don’t need to be scared of diseases of affluence caused by consumption of such snacks. There are some snacks that have low levels of carbs and have actually been rendered harmless to your health.

Example of low carb snacks are:


If you want to experience nature’s sweetness packaged in small size, then you definitely need to have nuts with you all the time. They can substitute candies in your snacks collection and this can help boost your health conditions.

First, they don’t pose any threat to your teeth and they are nature’s gift to your heart. This is mainly because they contain omega 3 fatty acids which strengthen your heart. There are different types of nuts; therefore, it is important to pick those which are healthier.

The best are cashew nuts and almonds.

Full fat Yoghurt

Don’t be alarmed by the name “full fat” because you are not going to grow fat by consuming this type of yoghurt. In fact, this type of yoghurt does the opposite because of its low levels of sugars.

According to scientists, the full fat yoghurt contain linoleic acid which help in the reduction of belly fat and contribute in the increase of muscle mass.

Hard boiled eggs

It can be quite hard to carry scrambled eggs as a snack of choice but it is no hard task placing boiled eggs in your bag pack. The main advantage of boiled eggs is that they contain less amount of fats than their counterpart because no oil is used in cooking them; just water.

Boiled hard eggs contain essential minerals like potassium and sodium and contain small traces of carbohydrates.

Protein shake

Most people think that protein shakes are only meant for body builders but anyone can take protein shake especially if one wants to avoid heavy meals. We all know that proteins help increase muscle mass but you should also be aware that proteins help increase body metabolism.

This means that if you want something for your weight loss, then you definitely need to put protein shake as close as possible.

Mini pepper nachos

The name “pepper” tells it all; therefore, it is undeniable fact that it helps in burning of cholesterol. It contains helpful spices like garlic and oregano which have anti-fungal and anti-bacterial properties as well as helpful anti-oxidants.

In addition to that, you can enjoy the beef taste knowing very well that the harmful effects of beef have been reduced by these spices.


At times it is usually a good idea to incorporate this recipe into your snack collection. HUMMUS is a Middle Eastern recipe that can be traced back to the thirteenth century. It’s actually not a strange cuisine, it is simply made of chickpeas, lemon and additional Arabic spices.

You have probably seen it in grocery stores but probably you are not aware of its nutritional value. It contains dietary fiber which are essential for digestion, high levels of vitamin B, protein and minerals like manganese. It is the embodiment of delicacy and culture.

Sugar-free chocolate

Chocolates are the most basic snacks. However, they are usually linked to tooth decay and other health problems. If you really love chocolates but have fears of their harmful effects that are caused by the processed sugars, then you can just substitute regular chocolates with sugar-free chocolates.

The high levels of cocoa in sugar-free chocolates make them have low levels of carbohydrates.

The low carb snacks mentioned above are the best choices of snacks because they provide the luxury as well as offer nutritional values. Consuming them is actually killing two birds with one stone; eating healthy and enjoying the delicacy.

These low carbs snacks can help reduce the number of health problems related to the frequent consumption of high carbs and refined sugars. With this information on low carb snacks, you can now enjoy your snacks in a healthy way.

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