Week One Ketogenic Diet

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One Week Ketogenic Diet Plan:

I have been on my ketogenic journey for one week now. This is how week one went.

I am still using the free simple stupid macros app, still haven’t bought the pro version, don’t really see myself ever doing that. My keto macros are set at 5% carbs, 75% fats and 20% protein with a 2000 calorie limit. Carbs and protein have been relatively easy to keep at goal. The struggle is getting so much fat in my diet without going over on protein/carbs. If I skip breakfast, I already know I wont be able to get enough calories for my day as this is the main source of my fat (sausage, eggs). I have supplemented my diet with MCT oil tablets and electrolyte multivitamins though.

I have been peeing on keto sticks by healthywiser. 125 count for 10 bucks. Not a bad deal. This measures only ketones. It is colored coded and has a number to correlate with the amount of ketones in your urine. I pee on the sticks once to twice daily. Day one and two I was not in ketosis. By day 3, I had a small amount of ketones and by day 6 I had a large amount of ketones in my urine. Ketones are a Bi-Product of fat breakdown, so I can assume my body is using fat at this point.

My Supplements:

The MCT oil pills are from ‘Kiss My Keto’ and contain 3 grams of fat per Pill. 300 capsules for 30 dollars. I was surprised that the recommended serving size is 3 pills 5 times a day. This would definitely help me meet my fat goals, but I was worried about the GI side effects. I started at one Pill and have worked up to 3 Pills once daily, which I take before my workouts. I will probably increase them if I don’t start to see much energy change during my workouts. You can take MCT oil as a liquid, but I prefer not to swallow fat that way- just a texture thing.


The electrolyte supplement/ multivitamin is from ketolabs core basics. 30 bucks- 90 Tabs. I was only taking one, then looed at the label and noticed I was supposed to take 3 daily!! These Pills are large and have a funny smell to them. The amount of vitamins/minerals and electrolytes these pills supply are way over the daily recommended percentage. As a person who usually doesn’t take the multivitamin, and with the belief you can most of what you need from your diet, I have only been taking one pill a day, instead of the suggested 3. Minus the smell these pills do turn your pee a neon yellow, so don’t be alarmed.

Diet wise things are not that bad. I am eating fatter meats than before on my low carb diet. On the low carb diet I was sticking to chicken breasts- now I reached for chicken with skin, hamburgers, hot dogs. We don’t have avocados here, but we did have guacamole one day last week and that made it easy to reach my fat goal.

My daily food intake consists of the following:

Breakfast: Full egg omelette with bacon and chedder cheese (extra cheese), pork sausage and coffee. If there are strawberries I will eat 5 of them.

Lunch: Hamburger with cheese, no bun- full fat mayo and mustard on top with pickles. Side salad loaded with olives, cheese and olive oil (EVOO)

Dinner: Depends on the night but usually a fatty meat with a side salad covered in EVOO.

Snacks: Depending on the day, I may have an after dinner snack. Especially after watching everyone indulge in the ice cream and cake. I pre-ordered a couple of keto-friendly snacks at the beginning of my journey because I knew I would miss my sweets. I quickly found that there wasn’t much to choose from in the Keto world. I happened to find FATSNAX Chocolate chip cookies and choczero 70% dark chocolate. Both taste amazing and give me a little pick me up when I am limiting all my sugary sweets.

FATSNAX cookies: $35 for 24 cookies. They come in 2 cookies per pack. Fat: 16grams, carbs/protein: 4 grams. Kind of expensive, but worth it! At first, I didn’t like how buttery these were, but the second time I tried them OMG. They are definite must have if you are trying ketogenic and like your sweets. I take these with me when I know people are going to be snacking on sweets. Helps me feel like I am not missing out.

ChocZero 70% dark chocolate: $16.50- 3 bags of 10. Small dark chocolate squares with only 1 net carb and 4.5 grams of fat. I love to eat one of these if I am craving sugars. They are very good.

I also bought a meal supplement bar which is also delicious. Keto-crave energy bar by Zenwise. $40 for 12 bars. 16grams fat, 5grams net carbs, and 9 grams protein. I tried the cocoa almond bar and it is very good. I used this when I missed breakfast. SO even though expensive I have only eaten one this week.

Enough about food, on to energy levels.

Energy/ training:

I have been training for a half marathon this month and noticed that my long run on Saturday (7 miles) was substantially more difficult than my 5 miles I completed the week before while I was on carbs. I had to take my run down to 11- 12-minute miles instead of doing 10-minute miles. After I finished this run I felt like crap. I felt weak, lightheaded and mentally foggy. I stayed in bed for 4-5 hours after this. I assume this is what the ‘Ketoflu” feels like- and man is it awful. I have a whole bunch of confounding factors for that day to include not eating breakfast, the fact that I have never ran 7 miles before, in my life, and running 80 minutes straight just overall sucks. I will see how 8 miles goes this Saturday in order to see the actual difference. I did get through my spin classes feeling pretty well though. Those classes are 60 minutes, so maybe it was just the length of time I ran which put me over the edge. Hopefully, my body will adjust to ketosis this week. Minus that run day, my energy has been about the same as before. I had a shorter fuse and felt more on edge, but I feel better now.

Overall, the week was not as bad as I thought it would be. I actually was able to go out and eat in Kuwait City without breaking ketosis. When I did low carb, I had cheat days about every week. The fact that it does take a couple days to fully get into ketosis helps with the food cheating. If you cheat one day/ one meal you may have to take 2-3 days just to get back into ketosis. For me, it wasn’t worth eating the bread or the ice cream for that. It also helps I had delicious snacks 🙂

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