Low Carb Banana Bread – Keto Friendly

I had to create this low carb banana bread. Low carb bread is one of my specialities. Leaving out and easy keto banana bread recipe would almost be like torture for the low carb diet.

Banana bread is something that I missed a lot when I started the ketogenic diet. The warm feeling of a cup of coffee and a slice of banana bread at the coffee shop after a fast loop around the river on my bike. Nothing could beat it.

So what are the key metrics that define a good banana bread recipe? Well, it has to be a healthy banana bread recipe… it has to be a low carb banana bread recipe, and it also has to be a moist banana bread.

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The nutrition of a banana can vary between sizes, ripeness and season. They are usually about 23g of carbohydrates in every 100g of banana consumed. For this reason, they are not allowed on the ketogenic diet. The low carb ketogenic diet is designed to limit carbohydrates, teaching your body to burn fat instead of carbohydrates for fuel.

So what is the secret that makes this low carb banana bread so good? Banana extract. I work close to a cake store, and realised that they have banana extract which tastes like banana, just without all the carbs that bananas contain.

This flourless banana bread is perfect for a low carb breakfast option. Ditch the low carb cereal and pick up a slice of banana bread, top it with some of my keto low carb raspberry jam and you have a low carb breakfast for two. If you’re looking for the best easy keto banana bread, you’ve found the right recipe. I’ve even got a video that teaches you how to make this banana nut bread recipe.

This healthy banana bread recipe would even work well if put into muffin tins and made into healthy banana muffins. The best banana bread recipe always works in many different ways, so be creative and make some gluten free banana bread into the best sugar free banana bread you’ve ever tasted.

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